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Sound Sensor PCE-SLT-TRM-ICA incl. ISO calibration certificate

ISO Calibration
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PCE-SLT-TRM-ICA sound sensor incl. ISO calibration certificate
Noise measuring device for permanent installation with analog output 4 ... 20-mA

The sound sensor consists of a measuring microphone with handle, a wall bracket with 1.5 m / 4.9 ft cable, and a noise transmitter. The main field of application of these noise measuring devices is the continuous noise measurement and noise monitoring of factory halls, production areas and major events such as night clubs, folk festivals, or cart tracks.

Likewise, the analogue output signal can be used to control window flaps or the signals of the transmitter can be stored, evaluated and documented on a logger. The noise warning device is very easy to connect and can be operated via 240V mains current.


Sound sensor
Measuring range 30 ... 130 dB in three ranges
I. 30 ... 80 dB (A)
II. 50 ... 100 dB (A)
III. 80 ... 130 dB (A)
Resolution 0.1 dB
Accuracy ± 1.5 dB
Rating A
Power supplyVia transmitter
Cable length 1.5 m / 4.9 ft
Wall mount To screw on (included)
Environmental conditions    Max. 85% relative humidity, 0 ... 50°C / 32 ... 122°F
Microphone 1/2" precision electret microphone
Standard IEC 61672 class II
Casing ABS plastic
Power supply90 ... 260AC V (max 1.5 A)
Calibration Adjustable via grub screw
4 ... 20-mA
Protection IP 54
Environmental conditions Max. 85% relative humidity, 0 ... 50°C / 32 ... 122°F

Delivery Scope

1 x Sound sensor PCE-SLT-TRM-ICA
1 x Sound sensor on 1.5 m / 4.9 ft cable
1 x Sound transmitter
1 x Sensor holder for screwing on
1 x Operating instructions
1 x ISO calibration certificate

Calibration certificates are issued specifically for the customer and are excluded from the right of return.