Thermocouple or PT100 Display Panel for System Integration PCE-N25T

Order no.: PCE-N25T
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5-digit LED display / IP65 protected front / optional sensor power supply system /
for thermocouples and resistance thermometers / setup via software
The digital indicator PCE-N25T is used for processing signals coming from temperature sensors. Depending on your specific needs, the digital indicator can be ordered with different inputs for thermocouples (type J, K) or resistance thermometers (Pt100). The input signal of the digital indicator is freely scalable, which increases its application possibilities. The measured values are shown on the large 5-digit LED display. As an option, an integrated 24 V sensor power supply system is available for connecting 2-wire sensors or transducers. The power supply of the digital indicator itself can also be selected, depending on your needs. To set up the digital indicator, you can use the optional programming adaptor PCE-PD14 to connect it to a PC. There you can use the free PC software LPCon to adjust the settings.

- IP65 protected front
- for thermocouples and resistance thermometers
- configuration via software
- 5-digit LED display
- freely scalable

Technical specifications
Input (selectable) thermocouple type J: -50 ... +1200 °C
thermocouple type K: -50 ... +1370 °C
Pt100: -50 ... +150 °C
Pt100: -50 ... +400 °C
Accuracy ± (0,2 % FS + 1 digit)
Internal resistance 10 Ohm ± 1 %
Scaling2 points
Display5-digits, 7 segments, LED, height: 14 mm
Display range-19999 ... 99999
Environmental conditionsDuring operation: -10 ... +55 °C
During storage: -25 ... +85 °C
Power supply230 V AC
110 V AC
24 V AC
85...235 V AC/DC
20...40 V AC/DC
Dimensions96 x 48 x 64 mm
Panel cutout 92 x 45 mm (according to DIN standard)
Protection class Front: IP 65
Weight < 200 g
Mounting Mounting clips with screws,
Connection via screw terminals
Housing robust plastic housing

Delivery contents
1x digital indicator PCE-N25T, 1x mounting-clips, 1x gasket seal, 1x instruction manual