Pressure Indicator PCE-DMM 20

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Digital Pressure Sensor/ Digital pressure to 600 bar / Relative and absolute pressure measurement / ± 0.125% FSO accuracy

The pressure indicator PCE-DMM 20 has a two-line display. The pressure indicator can represent pressures up to 600 bar, relative or absolute. The parts of the pressure indicator PCE-DMM 20 that can come into contact with liquid are made of stainless steel. As a result, the indicator is used, for example, for water testing and laboratory technology. The housing of the pressure indicator can be rotated, so that even under difficult conditions the display is easy to read. The digital pressure indicator is powered by two 1/2 AA lithium batteries. These ensure a standby period of up to 1.5 years. In addition to the display of the current measured value, the pressure indicator can store the maximum and minimum measured value. To preserve battery life, the display turns off after a time set by the user.

- To 600 Bar
- Relative pressure and absolute pressure measurement
- Max-min function with reset
- 2-line backlit display
- Various units
- Stainless steel diaphragm
Nominal pressure relative inbar0.
Nominal pressure absolute in bar   0.400.6011.62.546
Overpressure in bar0.51125510102040
Burst pressure in bar1.51.51.537.97.515152550
Nominal pressure relative / absolute in bar1016254060100160250400600
Overpressure in bar408080108210210600105010501250
Burst pressure in bar501201202104204201000125012501250
Negative pressure-1 ... 0 bar; overload: 5 Bar; burst pressure: 7.5 Bar
Vacuum resistanceP > 1 bar: unrestricted
General Specifications
Accuracy> 0.4 Bar:< ± 0.125% FSO
< 0.4 Bar: < ± 0.25% FSO
Measuring rate1/s
Long term stability< ± 0.1% FSO

Fuels, oils, gases, water

Temperature rangesFluid: -20 ... 85°C / -4 ... 185°F
Environment: -20 ... 70°C / -4 ... 158°F
Storage: -30 ... 80°C / -22 ... 176°F
Pressure port / housingStainless steel 1.4404
DiaphragmStainless steel 4.4435
Parts exposed to liquidPressure port, seals, diaphragm
DisplayLC display
Power supply2 x 3.6V lithium battery (1/2 AA)
Battery life1.5 years standby
Process connection (selectable)G 1/2"
G 1/4"
1/4" NPT
1/2" NPT
Weightca. 300 g / < 1 lb

1 x Pressure Indicator PCE-DMM 20