Order no.: PCE-HT 72
The temperature / humidity pdf data logger is a data logger has a memory of 20,010 sets of measurements and allows the pdf data logger to be used up to several months. The temperature / humidity pdf data logger is particularly suitable for measuring tasks where it is not possible for the user to install a software for reading the measured values.

- Measuring range Temp.: -30 ... 60°C / -22 ... 140°F
- Measuring range rel. Humidity: 0 ... 100% rh
- Measurement protocol as PDF
- Data export possible as CSV
- Readable without software
- 20,010 sets of measured values can be stored
Manufacturer: PCE Instruments
US$ 80.00

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Test Instruments manufacturer
Order no.: PCE-HT 70
The humidity / temperature data logger records the air temperature and humidity and stores them internally. The compact  humidity / temperature data logger with a large memory (up to a maximum of 16,000 values) is primarily used for long-term registration, for example in the food sector (e.g. refrigerated counters in supermarkets, refrigerated transport, warehouses) or in the industrial sector (heating and cooling processes, machine temperatures, product warehouses...)

- Measuring range temperature: -40 ... 85 °C
- Measuring range rel. humidity: 0 ... 100%
- Max. 16,000 data records can be saved
- Export to software possible
- 450 day running time
- Adjustable storage rate from 1 second
Manufacturer: PCE Instruments
US$ 62.00

ex. VAT, ex. delivery costs

Test Instruments manufacturer