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Scale Software PCE-SOFT-SC-3XPro

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Weighing software
Parallel scale use / TXT file memory / Keystroke simulation in cursor position / Multilingual

The multilingual scale software offers the possibility of transferring the weighing data of the various PCE scales to the PC. Depending on the software license, the values ​​of several scales can be recorded simultaneously. The license refers to a workstation and can only be installed on a PC. There are two different product codes for this software, a "Basic" (for a scale) and a "Pro" version (unlimited number of scales).

The balance software displays the data in tabular and graphical form. At the same time, a statistics table shows the number of weighings / MIN Weight / MAX Weight / Average / Sum / Standard Deviation / Good - Poor Classification of the selected balance.

Each weighing is provided with a time and date stamp so that a traceability is given. The insight into each active weighing is possible at any time. For better clarity, each scale can be given its own name.

The weighing data can be saved in parallel as a TXT file or transferred to the active cursor position as a key input simulation. Depending on the possibility of the connected balance, a query of the weighing values ​​can also be initialized by the PC balance software. This can be done manually or automatically in freely set time intervals.

The scales are connected via RS232 / USB or LAN.

User languages: German / English / Spanish / Chinese / French / Italian / Russian / Turkish / Polish / Dutch and Portuguese.


Important! The scale software is only suitable for PCE scales!
- Key input simulation in active cursor position
- Storage option as a TXT file
- Connection via RS232 / USB / LAN
- Tabular display of measured values
- Graphical display of measured values
- Time and date stamp
- Statistics function
- Parallel use of scales (Pro version)
- Multilingual


System Requirements:
- Operating system from Windows XP SP3
- USB port (2.0 or higher)
- An installed .NET Framework 4.0
- A minimum resolution of 800x600 pixels
- 1 GHz processor
- 4 GB of RAM is recommended

Delivery Scope

1 x Scale software PCE-SOFT-SC-Pro
3 x License key Pro