Shipping Scale PCE-SD 600

Order no.: PCE-SD 600
Verification for Trade / conformity assessment
£ 2,301.00
£ 2,761.20
PCE-SD 600
price ex. (VAT / delivery)
Delivery time: up to 10 working days
Shipping scales up to 600kg / resolution 0.2 kg / low construction height /
includes an access ramp / bidirectional RS-232 interface / totalizing function / piece counting function / tolerance weighing / optional 4-20 mA, 0-10 V or OC switching outputs

The calibrated platform scale is ideal if you do not want to install a scale into the floor. Simply set up the platform scale in the hall, fix the platform scale and the access ramp with the fixing plates included in the scope of delivery, connect the control terminal to the socket and you can start weighing. An initial verification of the platform scale is carried out by us before dispatch, so the platform scale can be used immediately even in goods traffic that is subject to verification.

The platform scale has a low construction height of only approx. 5 cm and enables easy access even with heavy goods. An access ramp is included in the scope of delivery of the platform scales, the second access ramp can be ordered as an option. The display of the platform scale has a bracket that allows it to be mounted on the wall or on a table, a tripod for the platform scale is also optionally available. The functions of the platform scale are: piece counting function, a max. min. weighing, recipe weighing, percentage weighing, average weight determination, totalizing function, a tare weight memory and adjustable RS-232 interface.

- Piece counting function
- Percent % comparative weighing
- Filter (reaction time) adjustable
- Animal weighing function
- A tare value can be saved
- Tolerance determination weight min/ok/max
- Sum up several weighings
- Average weight determination
- Mixed recipe weighing
- Adjustable bidirectional RS-232 interface
- Line mode and EPL2 printer languages
- Adjustable automatic switch-off
- Gross / Net key on the display
- Menu freely adjustable
- Maintenance-free components
- Optional: USB, LAN or 4-20 mA


Weighing range


Min. *


Usable area

PCE-SD 600

600 kg

0.2 kg

4 kg

160 kg

860 x 1000 mm

*The minimum load is the load from which the calibration authority checks the accuracy. The verifiable drive-through scale also shows smaller weights, but these may not be used in legal transactions.
Calibrationcalibratable according to class M III (delivered calibrated)
Taring rangeover the full weighing range
Settling time<4 s
DisplayLED with 20 mm digit height
RS-232 bidirectional
Optional: USB / LAN / 4-20 mA / 0-10 V / OC
Calibrationexternal (not with the calibrated drive-through scale)
Operating temperature-10°C ... +40°C
Power supply~230V 50Hz 8VA (Schuko plug)
ProtectionDisplay IP 54 / cells IP 67

1 x PCE-SD 600 shipping scale
1 x display
1 x access ramp
4 x floor fixing plates
1 x instruction manual