Precision Balance PCE-ABT 220L-DAkkS incl. DAkkS Calibration Certificate

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Precision balance with wind shield / for measuring small samples up to 220 g / PC interface /
simple operation / built-in level for alignment / incl. DAkkS Calibration Certificate / calibration weight included / ready for immediate use

With a resolution of 0.1 mg, this analytical balance is ideally suited for checking small samples for their weight. For example, powder can be weighed with the fine scale. Typical areas of application for the analytical balance are therefore in laboratories or in research facilities. Weighing the smallest samples is very difficult because even a small gust of wind falsifies the measured value. For this reason, a wind shield is installed around the weighing surface of the analytical balance. This ensures that even the smallest gusts of wind have no effect on the measurement of the precision scale.

The analytical balance can be connected directly to a PC via the RS232 interface. With the optionally available software for the analytical balance, the measurement data can be presented in a table. A graphic representation of the measured values ​​from the analytical balance is also possible with the software. There is also the option of exporting the measured values ​​recorded by the analytical balance. In this way, the measured values ​​of the analytical balance can be conveniently incorporated into presentations, sent by email or simply printed out.

If necessary, the analytical balance can be checked with the calibration weight supplied. This ensures that the analytical balance delivers a perfect measurement result. The analytical balance can also be adjusted by the operator in a very short time using the calibration weight.

With the built-in bubble level, the current positioning of the analytical balance can be determined at an installation location. If the positioning of the analytical balance is not suitable, this can be readjusted using the height-adjustable feet. This ensures that the analytical balance is properly aligned with the current installation location.


- Wind protection for stable weighing
- RS232 interface for PC connection
- Backlight
- Resolution of 0.1 mg
- Weighing surface of 80 mm
- Weighing range up to 220 g
- Level for aligning the analytical balance
- Calibration weight included in delivery
- incl. DAkkS Calibration Certificate
Measuring range0 ... 220 g
0.1 mg
0.2 mg
0.5 mg
Response time<4 seconds
Weighing surfaceØ 80 mm stainless steel weighing plate
Taring rangefull measuring range
Power supply220 V
Operating conditions10 ... 40 °C
340 x 215 x 350 mm
7.5 kg

1 x Precision Balance PCE-ABT 220L-DAkkS
1 x cloth gloves
1 x test weight
1 x IEC cable
1 x instruction manual
1 x DAkkS Calibration Certificate