NTEP Certified Scale PCE-LSE 320

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NTEP Certified Scale
High-class precision balance / Weighing ranges: max. 320 g / Resolution: 0.001 g
Verified / Verification value: 0.01 g / Graphic display / USB and RS-232 interface.

The high measuring accuracy, the high weighing range, as well as a multitude of functions make the verified analytical balance a real all-rounder. With a weighing range of up to 320 g, the verified analytical balance achieves a resolution of 0.001 g and a verification value of 0.01 g. This is achieved with the analytical balance through an electromagnetic force compensation cell, through high-quality components, as well as through years of experience in weighing and measuring technology of the developers and designers.

In addition to these metrological advantages, the verified analytical balance also offers useful functions such as adjustable filters, percent weighing, tare memory, input of user ID and product ID, MIN-MAX-OK weighing, totalizing function, statistics function, basis weight function, density determination function, recipe function, animal weighing function, Piece counting, time-date module, GLP printout, as well as a check-weighing function according to FPVO (prepackaging ordinance). As well as EPL printer language for bidirectional communication with label printers.

The verified analytical balance has a graphic display with full text display in various national languages, which enables convenient, fast and safe operation, even of complex functions. The standard equipment of the verified analytical balance includes a USB, RS232 and PS2 interface. This means that the measurement data can be transferred to the PC or printer. With an optional additional device, the data can be saved directly on a USB stick. The verified precision balance can optionally be provided with an analogue interface 4-20 mA or 0-10V or three switching contacts.

- Verified according to class M II (precision balance)
- Robust die-cast aluminum housing
- Spirit level for aligning the balance
- USB and RS-232 interfaces as standard
- Graphic display with plain text
- Selectable menu language DE / ESP / ENG / PL
- Adjustable filters
- Percentage weighing
- Tare memory
- User ID can be entered (also possible via scanner)
- Product ID can be entered (also possible via scanner)
- MIN-MAX-OK weighing (optionally with switch contact output)
- Summing function
- Statistics function
- PEAK Hold function
- Basis weight function
- Recipe function
- Animal weighing function
- Piece counting
- Time-date module
- GLP printout
- Check weighing function according to FPVO (pre-packaging regulation)
- Density determination function (optionally with density determination kit)
- Optional with analog output 4 ... 20 mA **
- Optional with analog output 0 ... 10 V **
- Optional with LAN connection **
- Optionally with underfloor weighing option

** In this case, a standard interface, USB or RS232, would have to be omitted.
Weighing range (max): 320 g / 11 oz
Readability (d): 0.001 g
Accuracy: ± 0.004 g
Verification value (e): ± 0.01 g
Verification class: M II (precision balance)
Minimum load (min) in legal metrology:   0.02 g
Measuring principle: force compensation cell
Display: graphic display with plain text in GB / DE / ES / PL / FR
Weighing surface: Ø 115 mm / 4.5"
Interface: USB B and RS232 Sub D9 socket
Operating temperature: +10 … +40 °C / +50 … +104 °F
Power supply: 230V 50Hz 6VA / = 12V 1A / outdoor - & indoor +
Recommended calibration weight: F1 200 g (not included)
Dimensions: 235 x 345 x 90 mm / 9.25 x 13.58 x 3.54"
Weight: ca. 4.5 kg / 9.9 lb

1 x NTEP Certified Scale PCE-LSE 320
1 x Verification
1 x Mains power adapter
1 x Instruction manual