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Moisture Balance PCE-MA 200TS-ICA incl. ISO-Calibration Certificate

ISO Calibration
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Moisture Balance for precise determination of absolute moisture in various materials / Touch Display / easy operation / Data storage for 32 measurements / optional software

The moisture balance has a measuring range of 0 ... 100% absolute humidity. The moisture balance is operated via the 5" large touchscreen. To measure the moisture content with the moisture balance, a sample is evenly distributed on the sample pan. The sample pan is then placed and sealed in the moisture balance. After setting all parameters, the moisture balance begins the measurement.

The moisture balance determines the moisture content based on the measured weight difference, relative to the weight before and after drying the sample. The adjustable temperature range for the moisture balance is between 40 ... 165 °C. Thus, a specific drying temperature for the sample can be selected with the moisture balance. The generated drying temperature is produced by a built-in halogen lamp with a diameter of 90 mm.

The drying process of the sample makes the moisture balance usable in various fields. Thus, the moisture balance finds its application, for example, in laboratories to measure the moisture of different powders, in quality control to determine the moisture of granules, or on farms to determine the moisture content of oats, grains, or wheat.

A major advantage over devices using capacitive measuring methods is that the moisture balance operates independently of characteristic curves and provides more accurate results.

The measured values can be transferred to a PC via the Serial RS232 interface of the moisture balance for analysis. A suitable software is available optionally for the moisture balance. If required, the moisture balance can be supplied with an ISO calibration certificate.


- Measurement range from 0 ... 100%
- Weighing range up to 200 g
- High resolution of 0.01 g
- Heating temperature from 40 ... 165 °C
- Memory for 32 measurements
- Suitable for various materials


Absolute Moisture 
Measurement Range0% ... 100%
Accuracy± 0.04%
Weighing Range 
Measurement Range0 g ... 200 g
Resolution0.01 g
Accuracy± 0.04 g
General Technical Data 
Measurement FunctionsATRO Moisture Content %R
 Dry Content %D
 Moisture Content %M
 Initial Weight %W
Display TypeLC Touch Display
Display Size5 inches
Display Refresh Rate10 times per second
Memory Capacity32 data sets
Data InterfaceRS232
Heating ElementHalogen Lamp
Heating Temperature40 ... 165 °C
Measurement Rate1 Hz
Abort CriteriaWeight Loss, Time
Menu LanguageChinese, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Portuguese, Dutch,
Spanish, Italian, French, English, German
Protection ClassIP20
Power SupplySchuko Plug (110 V - 240 V AC | 50/60 Hz)
Weight3.7 kg
Device Weight with Package4.3 kg
Device Weight with Package and Outer Packaging  5.34 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H)375 x 225 x 205 mm
Additional DimensionsSample Pan Ø 90 mm, Height 6 mm
Operating Conditions20 ... 25 °C, 40 ... 60 % r.F.
Storage Conditions0 ... 40 °C, 0 ... 80 % r.F.

Delivery Scope

1 x Moisture Balance PCE-MA 200TS-ICA
10 x Sample pan
1 x Sample pan holder
1 x Sample pan handle
1 x Power cable
1 x 100 g Calibration weight
1 x User manual
1 x ISO-Calibration Certificate