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Moisture Analyser FMD 6

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FMD Humidity detector for paper
to measure absolute humidity of wood, building materials and paper, automatic
temperature compensation, internal memory, interface and software.
The FMD humidity detector for paper functions with a microprocessor. This humidity detector is used to determine absolute humidity of both paper and building materials. The FMD humidity detector has an electrode which can be inserted into or placed on the material to be measured. 
The FMD humidity detector corrects real percentages of humidity values according to the pre-selected material and the temperature (absolute humidity). The calibration curves for many different paper types that can be found in the humidity detector are unique. Users will be able to program ten additional calibration curves in the humidity detector memory.
The FMD humidity detector has a storage capacity of 75 protocols with 1000 different measuring values. Each protocol includes some indications about the material and a statistic summary containing the reliability range (clock with time and date). With the help of the software, stored data can be transferred to a computer for later revisions.
The FMD humidity detector can be connected to an external temperature sensor to perform corrections of temperature and to determine the moisture content of paper. The FMD is designed for professionals in order to perform quality controls of humidity in different types of wood, paper and building materials to store them for later valuations in the computer.

- High accuracy
- Characteristic curves AS / NZS 1080.1
- Adjustable characteristic values of wood
- Adjustable characteristic values of every material
- Adjustable characteristic paper values
- Auto-programmable characteristic curves (users can introduce these characteristic curves in the FMD
  humidity detector memory)
- Automatic temperature correction connected to a temperature sensor.
- Detector of resistance humidity
- Adjustable auto shut-off
- Diverse humidity probes can be attached to the detector
- Additional calibration block
- Clock (time and date)
- Statistics functions
- Languages (German, English, French)
- Indicator with different attachments
- Data can be transferred to a PC
Characteristic curves of the material / Temperature compensation
With the FMD humidity detector of paper it is possible to determine the real moisture content with high accuracy by introducing the corresponding characteristic value of every material (for the characteristic curve of the stored material) in the detector. Charts with more than 500 characteristic values for wood, building materials and paper will be included in the delivery.
Temperature must be taken into consideration. As the temperature of the material influences its electric power capacity (and also its humidity), a temperature compensation has to be carried out. It can be adjusted in the detector with 1°C intervals (manual compensation).
Below you will see an extract of the characteristic curves in alphabetical order of all the most important wood types (they are stored in the humidity detector). We can also send another list with more wood types:

- Fir
- Canadian Fir (east, west)
- Agathis (heavy, light)
- Alcere
- Alerce (European, Japanese, Russian)
- Alerce (American, East, West)
- Red Cedar
- Douglasie (heavy, light)
- Mañio
- Pine (European, Nordic)
- Pine (light, heavy, Caribbean, American)
- Pine (European, Nordic, Kern, Spint)
- Pine (French)
- Pine Parana
- Pine Radiata
- Pine Sitka
- Pine Sugar
- Pine Weymouth
- Yellowwood
- Redwood (Californian, heavy, light)
- Sugi

Building materials
- Papier-mâché
- Concrete (200 kg/m³)
- Concrete (350 kg/m³)
- Concrete (500 kg/m³)
- Gas concrete
- Bricks
- Lime mortar
- Floor (anhydrite)
- Floor of cement (Arduparid)
- Floor of cement mortar (1 : 3)
- Floor (Elastizell)
- Floor gypsum
- Lime-stone
- Asbestos - cement
- Asphalt fiber
- Gypsum
- Gypsum (synthetic)
Paper / cardboard / carton
- Assi
- Bilerud
- Paper (in general) 
- Kraft paper (150 g/m²)
- Kraft paper (440 g/m²)
- SC paper (150 g/m²)
- PWA ...
Attention: All the characteristic curves of the different materials of this column and the adjoining one are stored inside the humidity detector FMD. They can be displayed by introducing the corresponding gross densities. A chart with all the materials and wood types will be included in the delivery. You can program the meter to cover all your needs, especially the ones related to manufactures of papers with specific hygroscopic  characteristic.
The meter will be an irreplaceable tool for measuring compound (adhesion / joining materials)
To take into account:
The measuring values will be higher in chips or knots. On the contrary, if measurements are taken on breaks, the humidity value will be lower in relation to the real humidity value (absolute humidity).
In both cases, you should measure near the area which is going to be measured and use the mean value.

Fiber direction:
The result will not be affected if measurement is taken either in the fiber direction or against fiber direction.

Deciduous wood
- Abachi
- Abarco
- Birch (European)
- Abura
- Afrormosia
- Poplar
- Alone
- Amburana
- Avodire
- Baboen
- Balsa
- Bilinga
- Bodo
- Bomanga
- Bonkonko
- Bosse
- Mahogany (Bassam, Honduras, sapeli, sipo, tiama)
- Chestnut (noble)
- Cherry-tree (European, American)
- Cedar
- Poplar
- Keruing (light, heavy)
- Dabema
- Danta
- Dibetou
- Durian
- Essessang
- Framire
- Freijo
- Ash (European)
- Fuma
- Beech (European, vaporized, non-vaporized)
- Igaganga
- Ilomba
- Iroko
- Jelutong
- Kapur
- Kosipo
- Krappa
- Kwarie
- Lauan (red)
- Limba
- Makore
- Mansonia
- Matakki
- Matoa
- Mengkulang
- Meranti (dark red, light red)
- Movingui
- Muninga
- Niangon
- Walnut (European, American)
- Satin walnut
- Oega
- Elm
- Okoume
- Padouk (African)
- Pear tree
- Peroba
- Peroba (pink)
- Banana tree
- Possentrie
- Ramin
- Oak (European, light, heavy, American,
            white, red, Japanese)
- Tasmanian Oak
- Willow
- Sapupira
- Sen
- Sepetir
- Seraya (red, white)
- Soemaroepa
- Tabaca
- Tchitola
- Teca
- Lime tree
- Tola branca
- Wane
- Yang
The software for FMD humidity detector of paper is included in the delivery. It is professional software for programming the device and for analysing data on computers. It also allows the user to adjust the device's parameters via a computer.
Data can be exported to other programmes such as MS Excel by means of a data cable included in the delivery.

Users will have to establish a communication port from the computer to the detector. Once this communication port has been adjusted, you can use this program without any problems.
This program has been developed for Microsoft Windows 95, 98, 2000 and ME. It can work with any standard printer.
Files can be stored in networking stations or shared working stations.

Technical specifications
Measurement ranges 5 ... 99 % H2O for wood
0 ... 99 % H2O for building materials.
Resolution 0.1 %
Accuracy 0.2 %
Measuring depth according to the selected sensor
Measuring principle measurement of resistance humidity
Measuring values memory 75 protocols with 1000 measuring values
Indicator adjustable, for example: decimals,
date, format, selection of the protocol
Statistics functions mean, maximum and minimum value, standard deviation and reliability level.
Temperature range 0 ... 50 °C / 32 ... 122 °F
Power 3 x 1.5 V batteries
selectable Auto Power Off to protect the battery
Auto Shut-off after 3 min of non-use (auto shut-off can be programmed for continuous operation)
Dimensions 190 x 100 x 34 mm / 7.4 x 3.9 x 1.3 in
Weight 300 g / 10.5 oz with the battery included

Delivery content:
1 x FMD Wood Moisture Meter for paper
1 x Software
1 x Data cable
3 x Batteries
1 x Housing
1 x User manual and instructions to measure humidity.