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Lifestock Scale PCE-TB 1.5

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PCE-TB 1,5
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Reasonably priced Animal Weighing Scale up to 30 kg / accuracy down to 0.05 g / 
operation by battery possible / bi-directional RS232 interface / platform size 300 x 210 mm / optionally purchasable: LAN, 4-20 mA, 0-10 V or 3 potential-free contacts
The Animal Weighing Scale PCE-TB series stands out due to its multifunctional range of application. But not only the large range of functions of the Animal Weighing Scale is outstanding, the communication options of the Animal Weighing Scale are interesting as well. The Animal Weighing Scale features a bi-directional RS-232 interface and USB interface. Thus the Animal Weighing Scale provides a very good foundation for every programmer (description of interface in instruction manual). The Animal Weighing Scale sends the information via keypress automatically to a computer either every time the weighing value is stable, continuously (approx. 10 values per second) or on demand. Another option to integrate the Animal Weighing Scale into a system would be the optionally purchasable interfaces, e.g. LAN-, analogue output 4 ... 20 mA or 0 ... 10 V as well as the weightlimit function with three potential-free contacts. Interesting functions of the Animal Weighing Scale are item-counting, percentage - calculation, formulation weighing, animal weighing, statistical weighing, summation function, threshold function, various weighing functions etc. The Animal Weighing Scale can operate by battery as well as via adapter, and is also applicable for mobile weighing tasks. Via the optional ProCell software you can import the weighing data of the Animal Weighing Scale into any system, where the data can be fed-in by keypress, such as Excel, Word, DHL, SAP etc. since the software simulates a manual data feed-in.


- Item counting function
- 8 different weighing units
- Weight compare in percentage %
- Filter (response time) adjustable
- Animal weighing function
- Max. weighing
- Tolerance determination min / ok / max
- Summation of several weighing values
- Statistic evaluation
- Formulation weighing
- Adjustable RS232 and USB interface
- Bi-directional interface
- Printer language Line Mode and EPL2
- Background lights of display adjustable
- Automatic switch-off adjustable
- Operation by adapter or batteries
- Battery recharge directly within scale
- External calibration (any weight)
- Configurable menu
- Analogue / Switching contact optional


General Technical Specifications of the Animal Weighing Scale PCE-TB series


Weighing range


PCE-TB 1.5

1.5 kg

0.05 g


3 kg

0.1 g


6 kg

0.2 g


15 kg

0.5 g


30 kg

1 g

Tare Rangecovering the whole weighing range
Settling Timeapprox. 3 sec.
DisplayLCD with background lights
Digit heightApprox. 30 mm
Weighing unitct / g / kg / lb / oz / ozt / gr / dwt
Interfacebi-directional RS-232 and USB
Calibrationexternal via any M1 weight standard
Operation temperature-10 °C ... +40 °C
Power Supply~230 V 50 Hz 12 V 1.2 A adapter or
CE 6 V / 4.5 Ah battery (not included in delivery)
Battery life timeapprox. 50 hrs. / 100 hrs. ( with / without background lights)
IP CodeIP 54
Diameter platform316 x 223 mm
Diameter system scale350 x 328 x 115 mm
Weight of system scaleapprox. 3.5 kg

Delivery Scope

Delivery Content of Animal Weighing Scale PCE-TB 1.5
1 x Animal Weighing Scale PCE-TB 1.5, 1 x adapter, 1 x stainless steel weighing platform, 1 x instruction manual