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Hydraulic Lifting Table - Industrial Scale PCE-HLTS 2T

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Hydraulic Lifting Table - Industrial Scale PCE-HLTS 2T
Hydraulic lifting table - industrial scales working height up to 1130 mm (44.5 in) / Load capacity up to 2000 kg (2t) / Working area 1300 x 850 mm (51.2 x 33.5 in) / Resolution 0.5 kg / Infinitely variable height adjustment

Thanks to the infinitely variable height adjustment, the hydraulic industrial lift scale helps you work faster, more comfortably and with less strain on your back. This industrial scale consists of a robust scissor lift table with an individual working height of 350…. 1130 mm / 13.8 ... 44.5 possible. The hydraulic lift table scale can lift a load of up to 2000 kg and weigh it with a resolution of 0.5 kg. The industrial scale offers a closed work surface of 1300 x 850 mm / 51.2 x 33.5 in. The working surface of the hydraulic industrial lifting table scale is surrounded by a safety bar, which in the event of a jam interrupts the lowering process immediately in order to avoid personal injury.

The functions of the industrial scale, for example, make it possible, thanks to the adjustable alarm limit values, not to exceed a specified actual weight (overload protection). The piece counting function can be used for the completeness check and a summing function can add up the total weight of several weighings and transfer them to the PC or print them on an optionally available printer with the time and date. The industrial scales are delivered in two parts. First, the weighing beams must be aligned on the floor and anchored to the floor. In the second step, the scissor lift table is screwed to the weighing beam and the power supply to the scale and the hydraulic table. This completes the set-up and the hydraulic lifting table industrial scale can be used.

Safety note: The specified load of the hydraulic lifting table only applies if the load is evenly distributed and there is sufficient ground anchorage.


- Stepless height adjustment from 350… 1130 mm / 13.8 ... 44.5 in
- Weighing range up to 2000 kg
- Resolution of the scale 0.5 kg
- Raise and lower the platform at the push of a button.
- Lowering process not possible thanks to safety valve in the event of a power failure.
- All-round safety terminal strip.
- External control unit with lifting button, lowering button and emergency stop.
- Target / actual check of the total weight
- Piece counting function
- Summing function
- RS232 interface


Load 2000 kg (2t)
Stroke range 350… 1130 mm / 13.8 ... 44.5 in
Stroke 780 mm / 30.7 in
Linear actuator Hydraulic
Platform size 1300 x 850 mm / 51.2 x 33.5 in
Platform type Closed
Lifting speed without load          Approx. 60 mm / sec.
Stroke cycles Max. 10 per hour / Max. Approx. 30,000
Control panel Lift button, lowering button and emergency stop
Cable length approx. 3 m / 9.9 ft
Power hydraulic pump 2.2 kW
Power supply lift table 380V / CEE 16A
Cable length Approx. 3.5 m / 11.5 ft 

Approx. 225 kg / 496 lbs


Weighing 2000 kg (2t)
Resolution 0.5 kg
Measurement uncertainty ± 2 kg
Tare Multiple tare across the entire weighing range
Display LCD with a digit height of 25 mm / 1 in
Display assembly Tripod / operating height 115 mm / 4.5 in
Cable length to the display Approx. 5 m / 16.4 ft
Interface RS-232 / Sub D9 / Male
Power supply scale 6V battery / 9… 12V power supply
Weight Approx. 55 kg / 121.3 lbs

Delivery Scope

1 x Hydraulic Lifting Table - Industrial Scale PCE-HLTS 2T
2 x Weighing beams
1 x Scale display
4 x M12 connecting screws
1 x Instruction manual