Counting Scales PCE-EP 30P1-ICA Incl. ISO Calibration Certificate

Order no.: PCE-EP 30P1-ICA
ISO Calibration
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Two range - Counting Scales / higher resolution / counting function /
sum function/ detachable tripod / battery /
container weighing function/ bidirectional RS232 interface

The robust industrial scale is a real all-rounder. The stand of the industrial scale can be easily separated along with the tripod mount from the platform and possibly sunk into the workbench. The cable between the platform and the display has a plug attached and is about 1.6 m long. The display of the platform scale is in a stainless steel housing with protection class IP54. The display can be placed on the workbench, on the wall, or on the stand of the platform scales. P1 is 400 x 500 mm size.

In addition to the standard functions such as counting, summing, gross / net weighing, limit weighing function and the PEAK Hold function, theindustrial scale has two special functions, i.e.the filter function for dynamic weighings and the container weighing function. The bidirectional RS232 interface allows convenient communication with a PC or printer. With the Per Query Command, the weight of the platform scale can be queried from the PC. A similarindustrial scale, but in calibrated form, we can provide with the PCE-SD series.

- Single Point platform scale (1 load cell)
- Two-range scale 15/30 kg
- Freely adjustable measuring unit kg/...
- Bidirectional RS232 interface
- Battery or mains operation
- Display IP54 protection
- Tripod incl. removable tripod mount
- Off timer (deactivated)
- Hold function (freezing the weight display)
- PEAK / MAX weighing function
- Sum function
- Piece counting function
- Animal weighing function
- Weighing function limit MIN / OK / MAX
- Container weighing function
- Filter functionIncl. ISO Calibration Certificate
- Incl. ISO Calibration Certificate

Measuring rangeMax. 1 = 15 kg / Max. 2 = 30 kg
Resolutionup to 15 kg = 2 g
from 15 kg ... 30 kg = 5 g
Measurement uncertainty± 3 d (three times the resolution)
Platform size [P1]400 x 500 mm
Tare functionOver the entire weighing range
InterfaceRS-232 Bidirectional / D-SUB 9 Female
- Analog output 4-20 mA 1/1000 +
- 4 Potential-free outputs LO / OK / HI / Stable
set as a pulse signal or continuous signal.
DisplayLCD with 25 mm digit height
Unitskg / lb
and freely adjustable weighing unit such as kg/m
Cable length to displayca. 160 cm / plug attached
Power supply6V / 4.5Ah battery or 9 V / 1.2 A power adapter (incl.)
Power consumption 70 mA
Protection classIP54
Working temperature0 ... + 40 °C / 10 ... 80 % r.H.
Dimensionssee Download file "Diagram"
Weightca. 14 kg

1 x Counting Scales PCE-EP 30P1-ICA
1 x Display (incl. Battery)
1 x Tripod incl. Bracket
1 x Power Adapter
1 x Manual
1 x ISO calibration certificate