Benchtop Scale PCE-BSH 6000

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PCE-BSH 6000
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Benchtop Scale PCE-BSH-6000
High accuracy and cheap compact design balance with calibration, weight range of 10 kg,
selectable weight units (g, kg, oz, lb, ozt, ct..., pieces counting function,
RS-232 interface and optional software

The benchtop scale provides you a large weighing range and have a high accuracy. This compact design balance is a very versatile tool with a high quality and with an accuracy of reading 0.2 g. With this compact design balance it is very easy to operate, it is portable and the large display gives ultra fast results. Yet the balance is lightweight enough so that it's easy to carry it for counting anywhere, anytime. The compact design balance offers an exceptional combination of remarkable features at affordable prices. This compact balance has a removable weight pan for a great cleaning. You have too the pieces counting function for an accuracy weighing and large weighing pan for easy access, range blanking key, and a quick response time. This compact balance have a power supply of 240 V  (by an adapter included in the delivery), but you can also use batteries. The balance has some feet of adjustment and  fixation for a good leveling. Another advantage of this compact design balance is its RS 232 interface. With the RS-232 interface integrated and the optional software kit you will be able to transmit the weight data to a computer or a portable. The adjustment weights that you can also acquire as optional allow you a good control and the quick re-adjustment of the balance. You can send us the balance for doing the ISO calibration or for doing a regular recalibration. You can also make it in a credited laboratory. The compact design balance is the ideal tool for the sector of the production, the laboratory, the entrance and exit control, as well as for a mobile use (i.e. for the external technical service).

- Functionality: TARE (mid range), ZERO, auto calibration (CAL - requires external weight, not included), piece counting (PCS), auto power on / off, backlight on / off
- Low battery, negative value, stability and overload indication
- By pressing the PRINT key, the current reading is sent out via the USB port (Depending on the setting, the scale either sends out the reading when the PRINT key is pressed, continuously or once the reading is stable)
- Weighing range: 0.3 ... 6000 g / 0.00066 ... 13 lbs
- Readability or resolution: 0.1 g
- Accuracy: ± 0.3 g
- Weighing unit selections: g, oz, lb, dwt, ozt, ct, tl.T, tl.H, tl.J, GN, dr, MM, ToLA, GSM, TAR, TMR
- Display: LCD with backlight, 20 mm / 0.79" character height
- TARE: Multiple taring over full range
- Data interface: USB port
- Power supply: 12 V / 500 mA electric power adapter (included) or six 1.5 V AA batteries
- Operating temperature: 0 ... +40 °C / +32 ... +104 °F
- Weighing platform dimensions: 160 x 180 mm / 6.3 x 7.08"
- Overall dimensions: 200 x 265 x 100 mm / 7.87 x 10.43 x 3.94"
- Overall weight: Approx. 1800 g / 3.94 lbs (without batteries)

See user manual for complete technical specifications.
1 x Benchtop Scale PCE-BSH 6000 
1 x weighing platform
1 x electric power adapter
1 x user manual