Analytical Balance PCE-BS 6000-ICA Incl. ISO Calibration Certificate

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ISO Calibration
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Analytical Balance PCE-BS 6000 with CE-Approval
Affordable price, accurate, calibrated laboratory balance with different weighing ranges (0 ... 300 g, 0 ... 3000 g, 0 ... 6000 g ), measuring units (g, kg, oz, lb, ozt, ct, gn) and counting function

The laboratory balance PCE-BS is a light, rugged precision balance suitable for different purposes. The removable stainless steel pan allows the laboratory balance to be cleaned easily. The PCE-BS 300 and 3000 laboratory balance can be used for weighing as well as for piece counting. The calibration of this laboratory balance is done by means of external calibration weights (automatic calibration procedure) or in accredited laboratory (ISO calibration).


The laboratory balance is equipped with four adjustable feet. If the balance is used in a laboratory, it can be powered by the external mains adapter (included). In case the balance is used as a mobile weighing instrument, it can be powered by AA batteries. This compact scale can be used to weigh the different components of a chemical mixture. The weight of all the components can be calculated when they are removed from the scale as a way of control. Taring (taring can be carried out several times) is made by pressing "ZERO" key on the display. 

- Adjustment program: to adjust accuracy bem means of the optional control weights
- Piece counting function with reference to choose 10, 20, 50 or 100 pieces, change of piece indicator
  to weight/(only for PCE BS 300 and PCE BS 3000 models)
- Taring function in the middle of the range (it can be used several times)
- Automatic display lighting (if the compact scale is firm, a stability indicator appears on display 
  and the light is intensified.
- Optional ISO Certificate for compact scale (i.e. to meet DIN ISO 9000 standard)
- Different measuring units can be selected via the keypad (g, oz, lb, ozt, ct, gn, for PCE-BS 3000 and
  PCE-BS 6000 series/g, kg, lb, oz for PCE-BS 300 series)
- Dust and water splash protection IP 54.
- Mains 230 V adapter included in the shipping.
- Possibility of being battery powered.
- Battery indicator
- Removable stainless steel weighing pan (on a plastic support)

Weighing capacity 3 ... 6000 g / 0.007 ... 13 lbs
Weighing units kg, g, lb, oz
Readability 1 g
Repeatability 1 g
Accuracy ± 3 g
Display LCD, 15 mm / 0.6" character height
TARE Up to half of weighing range
Power supply 9 V / 100 mA electric power adapter (included) or six 1.5 V AA batteries
Operating temperature 0 ... +40 °C / +32 ... +104 °F
Weighing platform dimensions 160 x 135 mm / 6.3 x 5.32"
Overall dimensions 165 x 245 x 70 mm / 6.5 x 9.65 x 2.76"
Overall weight Approx. 900 g / 2 lbs

1 x Analytical Balance PCE-BS 6000-ICA
1 x weighing pan
1 x mains power adapter
1 x user manual
1 x ISO calibration certificate