PCE takes care of the environmentNext generation should have a positive future

Sustainability at PCE

PCE Instruments is ever checking for acting in conformity to its sustainability rules. These rules are focused on three key points:

- environment
- business
- society

What does it mean? Profit isn´t everything. The futural life of the next generations is important as well and all actions must correspond to the general business philosophy.


PCE tries tPCE Instruments works in an enviromental friendly way.o minimize negative environmental consequences in manufacturing processes, during the transport of materials and products - up to the end of the product life when it is collected and brought back to the recycling plants. 

On the other hand PCE produces various kind of instruments for environmental measurements: wind speed meters, dust meters, particle counters, sound level meters, moisture meters, energy meters ... These instruments help to save ressources and make it possible to develop new ways of energy production. 

The innovative instrum
ents are used in wind mills, solar power plants and biomass power plants. In addition, PCE sponsors various projects for electric cars (mainly universities) in Germany, the United Kingdom and Turkey. So PCE works on both sides.


In the daily business PCE is orientated on doing its work in a way that makes all partners, customers, suppliers and employees feel good.

Case study: When a customer asks for a certain instrument and after checking the application and discussion with the customer it turns out, that it will not fit perfect to the application, PCE will step back and not sell. 

PCE gives advice what can be done or where to find a better solution. To come back to the beginning: Profit isn´t everything.


On the society sector PCE is supporting local sport activities like basketball and football teams in Germany, Spain, PCE Instruments Tobarra Basketball Italy and France.


In general: PCE follows all legal, ethically and morally requirements in all locations and countries.