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Semi-rigid borescope cable HighRes PCE-VE-N-SC1-HR

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The borescope cable PCE-VE-N-SC1-HR is a semi-rigid, 1 m long borescope cable with HighRes function. The HighRes function offers the user various possibilities in its application. In addition to the double resolution of 640 x 480 pixels compared to the standard borescope cable, the HighRes borescope cable has an image rotation and an automatic dimming function. This feature allows a glare-free image on the borescope monitor when using a mirror. The diameter is 5.5 mm. On the head different mirrors can be screwed on. Furthermore, the cable is semi-rigid. This means that the cable can be formed into a shape, which is then retained until the next shaping. The camera head is splash-proof to IP65. 


- HighRes function
- 5.5 mm cable diameter
- 1 m cable length
- 640x 480 pixel resolution
- Semi-rigid borescope cable


Camera feature Front camera (mirror optionally available)
Cable / head diameter 5.5 mm (0.216")
Cable length 1 m (3.28 ft)
Cable property Semi-rigid
Camera  resolution 640 x 480 pixel
Protection IP65

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1 x borescope cable PCE-VE-N-SC1-HR