Order process

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Once you have found the product you want please select the option for “ADD TO CART” which will add the product to your shopping basket. The contents of your shopping basket can be viewed at any time and once an item is in there it is not necessary that that item must be bought, as items can be removed at any time by selecting the “REMOVE” box which is listed behind the product in the basket. If you wish to purchase the items in your basket then please select the “CHECKOUT” option. Here, you will be prompted to enter you personal data and choices of payment and to accept our terms and conditions. You can cancel the order process at any point or select the option “ORDER” to complete your order, if you wish to change anything on your order you can always go back by using your browsers back button.


Conclusion of Contract


The price of our products in our shop is not a legally binding offer but in fact a non-catalogue. After you have entered your personal data and agreed to our terms and conditions then  you have entered into a binding contract to purchase our products. After the goods are purchased an order confirmation is dispatched immediately, however the contract is not complete until we have received confirmation of delivery.


Insight into your Order


Your Order and your personal details are saved on our secure server and an order confirmation will be sent via e-mail as this is not accessible via the internet. Our terms and conditions can be viewed at https://www.pce-instruments.com/english/terms.