Wire Tracer

Wire Tracer PCE-160 CB
£ 8.00
Price excl. VAT &. delivery
2 year Warranty
The PCE-160 CT wire tracer is a line locator for hard-to-reach cables and is used, for example, in the automotive sector. In addition to the line location, there is also the continuity test with the wire tracer.

- Sensitivity adjustment
- Headphone jack
- Different beeps
- Cable tracking in walls and cable channels
- For mobile use
Wire Tracer PCE-LT 12
£ 53.00
Price excl. VAT &. delivery
2 year Warranty
The wire tracer is a versatile measuring instrument. In addition to the standard voltage and current measurements, the wire tracer also has a network analysis. With this network analysis, the wire tracer can be used to check, for example, LAN connections for their correct wiring and function.

Measurement function:
- AC voltage
- DC voltage
- AC
- DC
- Resistance
- Diode measurement
- Continuity test
Wire Tracer PCE-191 CB
£ 89.00
Price excl. VAT &. delivery
2 year Warranty

PCE-191 CB is a handheld, portable wire tracer, cable detector or cable fault meter used for locating wires and cables hidden behind walls and insulation.

- Power range: 220 to 240 V AC
- Frequency range: 50 / 60 Hz
- Acoustic alarm 


Wire Tracer PCE-180 CBN
£ 114.00
Price excl. VAT &. delivery
2 year Warranty

PCE-180 CBN is a handheld, portable, battery-powered wire tracer or cable locator that consists of an amplifier probe and acoustic signal or tone generator. This locating device is designed to detect wires or cables hidden behind walls or insulation.

- Uses an acoustic signal to detect wires and cables, including network and coaxial cables
- Features a 3-position toggle switch (and 3-color LED) for line polarity, continuity and voltage testing
- Comes with red and black test leads with alligator clips
- Includes 2-year warranty against manufacturer defects

Wire Tracer PCE-CL 20
£ 262.00
Price excl. VAT &. delivery
2 year Warranty

The PCE-CL 20 is a wire tracer or cable locator used to detect live and voltage-free electrical wires. This wire tracer also can be used to locate metallic and non-metallic gas or water pipes, identify short circuits, and follow lines inside walls or under flooring.

- Output signal: 125 kHz
- Compatible with one- or two-pole circuits
- Automatic, manual and UAC measuring modes