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Thermometer PCE-894

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Thermometer PCE-894
Infrared thermometer with thermocouple input / Dual laser / Large display / Range up to 1850°C (3362°F) / Fast response / Adjustable emissivity / Backlight / Bluetooth / HOLD / MAX / MIN / DIF / AVG / LOCK function 

The PCE-894 dual-laser infrared thermometer has a temperature range of -50°C to 1850°C / -58 ... 3362°F. The laser infrared thermometer has an optical resolution of 50: 1 and enables a precise, non-contact temperature measurement of very small areas. This allows you to measure the pipe temperature with the double infrared thermometer, eg in heating, ventilation or air conditioning, without the ambient temperatures of the adjacent surfaces influencing the exact measured values ​​of the pipe. The double laser infrared thermometer is also used widely in the automotive industry. On engine test benches, the surface temperatures of the engines can be determined quickly and reliably during a test run. The temperature of freshly painted sheet metal and plastic parts can also be measured without leaving any traces on the parts. The infrared thermometer with cross laser can also be used in other areas of industry and craft for maintenance and servicing, the infrared thermometer can be used ideally for the measurement of rotating or live parts. 

The special feature of the double-laser infrared thermometer lies in the short response time (150 ms) without touching the test object. The point infrared thermometer is also used in the food industry because the products are not contaminated. The infrared thermometer with dual laser has a memory and a USB interface to enable an online recording of the measured values. In addition to the infrared measurement, you can also connect thermocouple probes via the type K thermocouple connection on the device so that you can carry out various tasks with one device. The cross laser infrared thermometer also offers the possibility to set alarm functions and to adjust the emissivity (explanation of the emissivity) of the measuring task.


- Temperature range from -50 ... 1850°C / -58 ... 3362°F
- Adjustable emissivity
- Short response time of 150 ms
- Big display
- Double laser for better sighting
- Max-Min function
- Backlight
- Bluetooth interface

***ATTENTION*** Our temperature sensors are designed for industrial and laboratory surface temperature measurement ONLY. They are not designed or certified for body temperature measurement or for medical use.


Measurement function infrared  
Measuring range -50 ... 1850°C / -58 ... 3362°F
Resolution < 1000°C: 0.1°C / 1832°F: 0.18°F
  > 1000°C: 1°C / 1832°F: 1.8°F
Accuracy < 20°C: ± 3°C / 68°F: ± 5.4°F
  < 500°C / 932°F: ± 1% of rdg.
  < 1000°C / 1832°F: ± 1.5% of rdg.

< 1850°C / 3362°F: ± 2% of rdg.


Measuring function thermocouple  
Measuring range -50 ... 1370°C / -58 ... 2498°F
Resolution < 1000°C: 0.1°C / 1832°F: 0.18°F
  > 1000°C: 1°C / 1832°F: 1.8°F
Accuracy < 0°C: ± 2°C / 32°F ± 3.6°F
  < 1370°C: ± 0.5% of rdg. +1.5°C / 2498°F: ± 0.5% of rdg. + 2.7°F
Optical resolution 50: 1
Emissivity 0.1 ... 1
Response time 150 ms
Spectral 8 ... 14 μm
Operating conditions 0 ... 50°C / 32 ... 122°F 
Storage conditions -10 ... 60°C / 14 ... 140°F 
Power supply 9V block battery
Display LC display
Dimensions 240 mm x 130 mm x 65 mm / 9.4 x 5.1 x 2.6 
Weight 425 g / < 1 lb

Delivery Scope

1 x Thermometer PCE-894
1 x Thermocouple type K
1 x Mini tripod
1 x Carrying case
1 x 9V block battery
1 x User manual