Temperature Meter / Dry Ice Data Logger PCE-LTD 100

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Dry Ice Data Logger PCE-LTD 100

USB data logger for temperatures from -80 °C / waterproof with protection class IP 67 / memory
for 17,280 measured values / with software for configuration and data analysis / exchangeable
special battery

Dry ice is a definition for artificially produced frozen carbon dioxide. Unlike other substances, it immediately changes from a solid to a gaseous state when heated. Due to these and other properties, it is used as a coolant in many areas. Dry ice data logger PCE-LTD 100 application.With the PCE-LTD 100 dry ice data logger, the temperature of the cooled material can be measured and recorded in the range from - 80 °C to 70 °C. For the temperatures below -30 °C the measuring accuracy is ±1 °C, above -30 °C the accuracy is ±0.5 °C. The dry ice data logger is equipped with a replaceable special battery that also works at low temperatures. At very low temperatures, however, it works with a much shorter runtime. If the temperatures are between -80 °C and -70 °C, the dry ice data logger with this battery can store the measurement data, for example, every 15 minutes for 30 days. The high degree of the housing protection IP 67 ensures that water and other foreign substances cannot penetrate the dry ice data logger. This and the compact design allow thorough cleaning, so that even high hygienic requirements can be met.

Due to the recording of temperatures from -80 °C and the robust construction, the dry ice data logger can be used, for example, to document the cooling of blood plasma, vaccines and laboratory samples. It can be easily placed in various types of cooling containers and cooling devices with dry ice between the cooled goods. The dry ice data logger can be used not only for quality assurance in medicine and pharmacy or for cooling chemical reagents. It can also be used to record the temperature curves during experiments for cooling engines or technical components. Of course, the temperatures of the cooled food can also be monitored.

Special software, which is included in the scope of delivery, enables convenient configuration of the measurement conditions and facilitates the evaluation of the measurement data recorded by the dry ice data logger. Dry ice in a package.Via the software, storage interval, start of the measurement and alarm limits can be defined on the computer and stored in the dry ice data logger. These values can be adapted to the respective requirements for each new series of measurements. The dry ice data logger can store up to 17,280 measured values in its internal memory. When the memory is completely full or the dry ice data logger is connected to the USB interface of a computer, the data recording is stopped. The measurement data can also be transferred independently of the computer's software and operating system, as the dry ice data logger is automatically recognised as a mass data storage device just like a USB stick. In addition to the PDF format, the file formats DLG, CSV, XLS and TXT can also be selected for direct transfer of the measurement data to other programmes.

The most important facts about the PCE-LTD 100 dry ice data logger briefly:

- robust waterproof dry ice data logger
- high degree of protection IP 67 
- suitable for temperatures from -80 °C to +70 °C
- accuracy: ±1.0 °C below -30 °C, ±0.5 °C above -30 °C
- memory for up to 17,280 data sets
- storage rate adjustable from 1 s to 24 h
- USB interface
- software for configuration and data evaluation
- with replaceable special battery

Measuring range -80 ... +70 °C  / -112 ... +158 °F
Measuring accuracy ± 0.5 °C (-30 ... +70 °C / -22 ... +158 °F)

± 1 °C (-80 ... -31 °C / -112 ... +23.8 °F)
Resolution 0.1 °C
Storage capacity 17,280 values
Sampling interval 1 s … 24 h
Storage formats via software  
Start mode time setting
Stop modes when a USB connection has been established,
  as soon as the memory is full, as soon as the set
  number of memory points has been reached
Operating conditions   -80 … +70 °C / -112 ... +158 °F, non-condensing
Storage conditions -40 … +70 °C / -40 ... +158 °F (without battery)
Battery life
2 years @ 25 °C / 77 °F / 15 min storage interval

30 days @ -80 ... -70 °C  / -112 ... +158 °F / 15 min storage interval
Power supply 3.6 V 2/3 AA high temperature battery
  interchangeable (ER14335)
Protection class IP67
Dimensions Ø 18 mm + 115 mm / Ø 7" + 45"
Weight ca. 95 g  / 3.3 oz (without battery)

1 x Temperature Meter PCE-LTD 100
1 x 3.6 V 2/3 AA high temperature battery
1 x Instruction manual
1 x Software