Noise Warning Sign / Sound Level Meter PCE-SLM 10

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Noise Warning Sign

dB display with 75 mm digit height / 30 ... 130 dBA measuring range / LED display / Wall mounting / Integrated condenser microphone

The dB display / noise warning signis suitable for the continuous measurement and visualization of the sound pressure level. The noise warning dB display is used in schools, open-plan offices, bars, clubs and other event venues. Due to the large digits of the dB display, the measured value is always easy to read. Due to the LED display, this is also possible in dark environments without any problems. The noise warning is powered by USB with the optional AC adapter or external battery pack.

The measuring range of the instrument ranges from 30 ... 130 dB. The noise warning sign displays the measured value A weighted. The time weighting is always Fast. The frequency range of the 6 mm condenser microphone ranges from 31.5 Hz to 8.5 kHz. The dB interface can be connected to the PC via the USB interface. The software can be used to transmit live measurements to a computer. The noise warning sign also has an internal memory, which can be read out with the software.

Level of noise

The level of noise in the public places, in the workplace, recreational areas and even at home should be kept under strict control. Official health care standards cover this issue and excessive exposure to noise is forbidden by law. The existing permissible limits for noise levels in different situations are all defined, but it may be difficult to understand for the person that the noise precepted by the ear is too high and may be dangerous for health. For this purpose, noise warning signs have been developed. The main purpose of installing such noise warning signs is, from the one side, to provide safety and to give immediate indication that the current noise situation is hazardous and may cause the damage to hearing, and from the other side, to notify that the noise level produced must be reduced, since it is causing inconvenience, for example, for people living in the surrounding neighbourhoods.

Spectrum of applications

The spectrum of applications of these warning sings is quite wide: construction sites, industrial facilities, factories, schools, libraries, medical institutions and the others. For each particular application an individual noise limit may be set. As a rule, noise warning signs are easy to mount and may have different designs. The latter applies especially for the signs used in public places, which give people a clear indication that too much noise is produced and voices or music or any other noise producing sounds should be kept down. Noise warning signs installed at the industrial facilities give the workers a clear indication that it is time to wear hearing protection, since very often the noise level cannot be brought down and is a part of the working process. These signs help to keep the time of exposure to noise, as well as the duration of wearing of the hearing protection under control, and thus, provide safety to the workers.

Green or red correspondingly

Depending on the noise pressure, the warning sign may differentiate from quite satisfactory to unacceptable levels and give colour indication, from green to red correspondingly. If there are many people in the room, like library, classroom, canteen or office, red light is an indication to all to reduce the amount of produced sounds (talking, laughing, singing, music on the radio, TV-sets, etc). Application of the noise warning signs contributes to the creation of the most comfortable and safe environment in any sphere of life, whether it is required for work, recreation, studying, treatment.

- 75 mm / 3 in digit height
- 30 ... 130 dBA measuring range
- 0.1 dB or 1 dB resolution
- Wall mounting
- Power via micro USB socket
- Alarm function
- For offices, schools, event rooms, shop floors, production units
- Memory for 657,000 readings
Measuring range 30 ... 130 dBA
Measurement accuracy          
± 1.5 dBA (at 94 dB / 1 KHz)
Resolution 0.1 dB (<100 dB)
  1 dB (> 100 dB)
Frequency range 31.5 Hz ... 8.5 kHz
Frequency A
Time weighting Fast
Microphone type 6 mm condenser microphone
Display 3 digit LED display
Character height 75 mm / 3 in
Interface USB
Storage 657,000 readings
Power supply      5V / 1 A via USB socket
Mounting option Wall mounting via housing tabs
  Tripod mounting with integrated tripod thread
Operating conditions 0 ... 40°C / 32 ... 104°F, 10 ... 80% rh
Storage conditions -10 ... 60°C / 14 ... 140°F, 10 ... 70% rh
Dimensions 210 x 130 x 28 mm / 8.3 x 5.1 x 1.1 in
Weight About 453 g / 1 lb

1 x Noise Warning Sign PCE-SLM 10
1 x Micro USB cable
1 x User manual