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Data Logging Sound Level Meter PCE-325D-ICA incl. ISO-calibration certificate

ISO Calibration
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Data Logging Sound Level Meter / Frequency 31.5 ... 8,000 Hz / recording mode / measurement functions: HOLD, MIN, MAX / data update 500 ms

Our data logging sound level meter records and visualizes sound levels in the range from 30 to 130 dB. It has three manual measuring ranges and an automatic measuring range mode. When the device is switched on, the automatic mode with a range of 30 to 130 dB is activated by default. The manual ranges are 30 to 90 dB, 50 to 110 dB and 70 to 130 dB.

The user can choose between the frequency weightings A and C and between the time weightings "Fast" and "Slow" at the touch of a button. Before the recording mode can be started, the condition monitor must be connected to a PC via a micro USB port and the parameters configured using the PC software. The storage interval, the number of measured values and also the starting point of the data logging sound level meter can be set. Up to 32000 measured values can be recorded with this function. The interval can be set on the data logging sound level meter in steps from 1s to max. 24h.

The data logging sound level meter has the MIN, MAX and HOLD functions. In addition, the device switches off automatically after about 3 minutes of inactivity to extend the operating time of the battery. The "Auto Power Off" function can also be deactivated. The sound level meter is charged via the micro-USB interface and comes in a practical case for transportation.


- Measuring range from 30 ... 130 dB
- Auto and manual measurement range selection
- Measurement functions: HOLD, MIN, MAX
- Adjustable data logging sound level meter
- Time weighting F and S
- Frequency weighting A and C
- Automatic switch-off
- PC software


Sound level 
Measurement range  30 dB ... 90 dB
Resolution  0.1 dB
Accuracy  ±1.5 dB (at reference conditions of 94 dB and 1 kHz)
Sound level 
Measurement range  50 dB ... 110 dB
Resolution  0.1 dB
Accuracy  ±1.5 dB (at reference conditions of 94 dB and 1 kHz)
Sound level 
Measuring range  70 dB ... 130 dB
Resolution  0.1 dB
Accuracy  ±1.5 dB (at reference conditions of 94 dB and 1 kHz)
General technical data 
Measurement functions  MIN, MAX, HOLD
Time evaluation  fast (125 ms), slow (1 sec.)
Frequency  31.5 ... 8000 Hz
Frequency rating  A, C
Display type  LCD
Display refresh rate  500 mS
Memory medium  Internal memory
Memory capacity  32000 values
Memory interval of  1 s
Storage interval to  24 h
Microphone type  Electret condenser
Interface  Micro-USB
Standard(s)  IEC 61672-1 (Class II)
Automatic switch-off  3 min
Automatic switch-off can be deactivated  yes
Menu language  English
Protection class (device)  IP52
Power supply  5V DC
Plug type  Euro plug device
Weight  307 g
Dimensions (L x W x H)  248 x 90 x 35 mm
Operating conditions  -10 ... 50 °C , 0 ... 80 % r.H
Storage conditions  -20 ... 50 °C , 0 ... 80 % r.H
Capacity  2500 mAh

Delivery Scope

1 x PCE-325D-ICA data logging sound level meter
1 x Micro-USB cable
1 x Service bag
1 x Operating instructions
1 x ISO-calibration certificate