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Test Stand for Roughness Tester

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Test Stand for Roughness

Manual height adjustment with hand crank, large travel distance,
can be used with various roughness gauges and test probes

A test stand for roughness is intended to facilitate the performance of the roughness measurements. To measure roughness, it is important that both the roughness gauge and the surface to be tested are positioned horizontally. Test Stand for Roughness Tester in quality inspection of gears.The probe tip then moves in a straight line along the surface of the workpiece. With the roughness test stand, the measuring device or its sensor can be positioned in such a way that the required position for a correct measurement is ensured. It is recommended to use the roughness test stand especially for low roughness and for measuring curved components or in grooves with special test probes. With this test stand for roughness, the height positioning of the measuring device is precisely adjusted to the respective test part via a spindle with hand crank. Due to the large travel distance, many different component sizes can be tested on a worktable or workbench in the laboratory without additional fixtures. The roughness test stand is suitable for attaching various roughness gauges.

Attention: A roughness measuring device is not included in the delivery scope of this test stand for roughness!


- roughness test stand for use with roughness measuring devices
- suitable, among others, for roughness testers PCE-RT 1200, PCE-RT 2000 and PCE-RT 2200
- manual spindle drive with hand crank
- large travel distance allows many different height positions
- recommended for all measurements with groove or curvature sensors
- supplied without roughness tester

Delivery Scope

1 x Test stand PCE-RT2000-Teststand