Roll Hardness Tester

Roll Hardness Test Instrument PCE-HT-225A
Roll Hardness Tester
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PCE-HT-225A is a heavy-duty roll hardness tester or concrete test hammer, also called a paper roll rebound hammer or Swiss hammer, used to measure surface hardness and material compression strength. Suitable for use with rolled paper, concrete, rock and building materials, this rugged, manufacturer-calibrated rebound hammer is both easy to use and built to last.

- Test range: 10 ... 60 MPa or 100 ... 600 kg/cm² or 1450 ... 8702 psi
- Impact energy: 2.207 J or N-m / 0.225 kgf.m / 1.6278 ft-lb or Type N
- Impact stroke: 75 ± 0.3 mm / 2.95 ± 0.012 in
- Radius of spherical tip: 25 ± 1 mm / 0.99 ± 0.04 in
- kg/cm², psi, and MPa conversion tables 
- Optional test anvil to verify accuracy listed under accessories 

Roll Hardness Tester PCE-HT-450
Roll Hardness Tester
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2 year Warranty
The roll hardness tester is an analog measuring device to determine concrete strength. The measuring method of the roll hardness tester is based on the Schmidt principle. With this measuring method, a kinetic impact energy hits the concrete from the roll hardness tester. The resulting rebound enables the roll hardness tester to determine the strength of the concrete.

- Nominal kinetic energy: 4.5 J
- For high-strength concrete
- Simple and quick operation
- For determining concrete hardness
- Schmidt principle