In-line Process- Refractometer iPR-C2 S

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iPR-C2 S
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Refractive index
nD, Brix
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In-line process refractometer iPR-C2 S available in two versions (aluminum and stainless steel) with different process temperatures

Compact in-line refractometer iPR-C2 S with extremely short reaction time for continuous measurement and real-time process control with an analogue data output. It is characterized by minimal size and weight and has an excellent price-performance ratio.
The iPR-C2 S enables the inline measurement of refractive index, Brix or concentration to monitor and control the concentration of substances in solution or liquid mixtures in a process. The compact stainless steel measuring head with YAG prism is equipped with an evaluation unit for connection to a PC or control console.

- accurate, fast and reliable
- permanent inline real time concentration measurement
- compact sensor
- analogue 4-20 measured value output
- excellent value for money
- determination of mixing ratios
- quality and quantity control of dissolved solids
- detection of product transitions
- determination of the concentration and degree of contamination of cooling lubricants and cleaning solutions

Technical Specification
Measuring range 1.3320 - 1.4209 nD 0 - 50 Brix
Resolution 0.0001 nD 0.05 Brix
Accuracy ± 0.0002 nD ±0.15 Brix (at 20 °C / 68 °F)
Ambient temperature 0 to 45 °C / 32 to 113 °F
Process temperature (max.) Stainless steel: +80 °C / 176 °F
Process temperature (min.) -10 °C / 14 °F
Process pressure (max.) 1 MPa (145 psi, 10 bar)
Additional Information
Prism YAG
Process contact material YAG, stainless steel optional: PTFE
Protection class IP 69 K tested by TÜV Rheinland
Light source / wavelength 589 nm LED
Interfaces, switches 4-20 mA, (Brix 0 - 50 with ATC)
one switching output 1 ampere
a serial communication over RS232, RS422 or USB


1 x iPR‐C2 S Process refractometer, 1 x User manual