Handheld Refractometer PCE-ALK Alcohol Content

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PCE-ALK Handheld Refractometer
Portable refractometer for use with pure alcohols and alcoholic solutions

PCE-ALK is a handheld refractometer used to determine the % volume of alcohol content (vol%) of pure alcohols and alcoholic solutions. For best results, use this refractometer with sugar-free, pigment-free alcoholic solutions.

The ultra-smooth focusing eyepiece provides high-quality optics, presenting an easy-to-read scale on a semi-transparent blue and fully transparent clear background. Ambient room lighting offers ample illumination to clearly read the results.

- For use with pure alcohols and alcoholic solutions
- Ultra-smooth focusing eyepiece
- High-quality optics
- Easy-to-read scale
- Requires only ambient room lighting to clearly read results
- Handheld, portable and user friendly
- Equipped with automatic temperature compensation (ATC) for accurate measurement without recalibration
  after shifts in operating temperature
Measuring range
0 to 80% (% volume of alcohol content)

1 vol% (0 ... 60 vol%)
2 vol% (60 ... 80 vol%)


General specifications
Calibration: Zero calibration with distilled water at 20 °C / 68°F
Automatic temperature compensation (ATC) range: 10 ... 30 °C / 50 ... 86 °F
Dimensions: Approx. 203 x 29 mm diameter / 8.00 x 1.14" diameter
Weight: Approx. 280 g / 0.62 lb
1 x PCE-ALK handheld refractometer
1 x pipette
1 x screwdriver
1 x user manual
1 x carrying case