Industrial Measurement Products and Solutions


Order no.: PCE-VT 1100

The PCE-VT 1100 Vibration Meter is designed for quick measurements of an imbalance in machines and the examination of bearings and gears. The Vibration Meter is also frequently used to evaluate the state of small electronic motors.

- Vibration Acceleration: 0.01 m/s² ... 199.9 m/s² peak
- Accuracy: ±5%, ±2 Digits (20 Hz ... 1 KHz) / ±10%, ±2 Digits (10 Hz ... 20 Hz)
- Frequency: 10 Hz ... 1 kHz


Manufacturer: PCE Instruments
Order no.: PCE-170 A

Light Meter PCE-170 A to 40,000 lux, internal sensor, automatic zero adjustment. The light meter has a large measurement range, short response time and a compact housing allowing for quick, effortless one-hand operation.

- Large 5-digit LCD display
- Measurement range: 0.00 to 40,000 lux
- Resolution: 0.01 lux in the range 39.99 Lux
- Sensor: silicon photodiode


Manufacturer: PCE Instruments
Order no.: PCE-SD 60C

The industrial scale PCE-SD 60C is a low-cost robust verifiable system balance. The calibration of the industrial scale is according to the trading class M III. The sturdy foundation of the industrial scale is made of painted steel and features a plastic-coated steel platform.

- Weighing capacity: 60 kg
- Readability: 20 g
- Minimum load: 400 g
- Platform size: 400 x 500 mm
- Certifiable: M III


Manufacturer: PCE Instruments
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