Power Quality Analyser / Power Analyzer

Order no.: Easycount-3

The EasyCount three-phase Power analyzer is an energy meter embedded in a case protected against water, for three-phase current up to 400 V. The wires of the three-phase Power analyzer, with a length on both sides of approx.

- 3 x 230 / 400 V AC
- Current-carrying capacity / ampacity 16 A or 32 A
- Rated IP54
- Resolution of 0.1 kWh
- 6 W minimum power


Manufacturer: Günther Schell GmbH & Co. KG
£ 247.00

Price excl. VAT &. delivery
2 year Warranty

Order no.: PCE-P43

The power analyzer PCE-P43 is designed to take measurements and transfer measurement data of 3-phase power networks. The power analyzer can be connected to symmetrical and asymmetrical systems.

- Easy mounting on DIN rail
- Pulse output, alarm relay
- Current or voltage output
- Direct and indirect measurement


Manufacturer: PCE Instruments
£ 250.00

Price excl. VAT &. delivery
2 year Warranty