Phase Rotation Meter

Phase Rotation Meter PCE-PI 10
£ 27.00
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2 year Warranty
The digital phase rotation meter PCE-PI 10 is used to determine the direction of rotation of 3-phase voltage networks. Furthermore, the phase rotation meter is able to measure voltages up to 600V AC / DC. The rotating field direction is important for machines and plants.

- Measuring range: 75 ... 600V AC
- 3-phase rotating field detection
- AC / DC voltage measurement
- CAT III 600V
Phase Rotation Meter PCE-PI1
£ 68.00
Price excl. VAT &. delivery
2 year Warranty

This Phase Rotation Meter PCE-PI1 has a robust housing with a large LCD display so you can easily and conveniently determine the phase and motor rotation direction. Furthermore, any problems in individual phases, are displayed on the phase rotation meter. The phase rotation meter meets the safety standard CAT III 600 V, IEC 61010.

- Easy operation
- No batteries required
- Robust alligator clips for easy connection
- 3-phase measurements of 40 ... 690 V AC
- Protection class IP 40