pH Meter PCE-228

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0 ... 50 °C / 32 ... 122 °F
0 ... 14 pH
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pH meter PCE-228
the pH meter measures for pH, Redox and temperature / 
SD memory card (1 ... 16 GB), measured values are stored in an Excel file / 
large display / RS-232 interface and optional software for the PC

The PCE-228 pH meter is an easy-to-use handheld device for measuring pH, mV and °C. With the PCE-228 pH meter, both temperature and pH values can be directly stored onto a SD card (in Excel format), or transferred to a PC through an RS-232 interface. An optional software and data cable for the PCE-228 pH meter are available as optional accessories to transfer data to a computer. Temperature compensation in the PCE-228 pH meter can be done manually or automatically by way of the temperature sensor which is included.

The pH meter has two calibration points. The calibration can be done with the trimmer on the side of the device which is protected under a cover. With this combined device, the user can determine pH value, temperature or Redox potency (ORP). For the latter measurement parameter, a Redox electrode must be ordered separately from the PCE-228 pH meter. We recommend the ORP-14 electrode. The pH meter is powered by a 9V battery which is included.

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Most suitable conditions for quick growth should be between 6 to 9, and whenever the values go beyond these limits, quick measures should be taken to change the pH level. pH meter at a fish farming.This is achieved by application of corresponding chemical elements, good filtrating and cleaning systems. In fish breeding it is important to remember that fish as well as breathing, also produce certain waste which gets directly into the water where they are bred. From the one side, the farmer is interested in high concertation of fish in the farm, but from the other, he needs to care about sufficient cleaning, since high concentration of ammonia is a very unfavorable element which may cause toxic influence. Carbon dioxide is one of the elements which has a tendency to increase in fish ponds, since fish and plants which may occur in the pond, also “breathe” and this problem cannot be left unattended, because even within one day the pH level may dramatically change. To keep the fish farm under permanent control, application of the pH meter is the best solution. The sensor which can be immersed into water a few times per day, provides accurate information about the correct condition of the water, pH level, oxygen, presence of harmful elements in the water, changes in temperature and water composition.

- Good price-performance ratio
- SD memory card (up to16 GB)
- Measured values are directly saved in the SDcard as an Excel file
- RS-232 interface for real time data transference
- Measures pH values, Redox, conductivity, salt content, oxygen and temperature
- High accuracy
- Low battery indication
- Large LCD display
- Adjustment of the measurement rate
- Easy-to-use
- Solid enclosure
- Includes pH PE 03 electrode and a stainless steel temperature sensor
- Automatic calibration
- Manual or automatic temperature compensation
- BNC connector
- Suitable for measurements in laboratories and on site
- Optional Redox electrode

Measurement range

0.00 to 14.00 pH
-1999 to 0 to 1999 mV (only with the optional Redox electrode)
0.0...65.0 °C or 32 ... 149 °F (only the temperature sensor)

0.01 pH
1 mV
Accuracy (at 20°C)

± (0.02 pH + 2 digits)
± (0.5 % + 2 digits)
CalibrationAutomatic three-point calibration
Temperature compensationautomatic from 0 to 65°C or manual between 0 and 100°C removing the temperature sensor
ElectrodepH PE-03 electrode,
1 meter cable and BNC plug
temperature range: 0 ... 60 ºC
Measurement rateadjustable from 1 second up to
8 hours 59 min 59 sec
Display LCD display: 52 x 38 mm
Memory SD card from 1 ... 16 GB
(2 GB memory card included)
Power supply6 x 1.5 V AA batteries /
mains adapter 9 V (optional)
Operating conditions0 to 50°C max. 80% r.h.
Dimensions177 x 68 x 45 mm
Weight490 g

1 x PCE-228 pH meter
1 x PE-03 electrode
1 x SD memory card (2 GB)
1 x temperature sensor 
6 x batteries
1 x manual.