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pH Meter for Soil

Easy to use, for determining the pH value of soil, with external pH electrode, can be recalibrated and is waterproof (IP67)

The pH meter for soil has been developed with the purpose of finding an effective method for directly determining the pH value of soil. With the help of this pH meter, it is possible to quickly and accurately measure the pH value of soil or a soil sample taken from the ground.

To do this, simply insert the electrode into loose soil and read the pH value on the digital display. Please take into account that the first measurement requires there to be moisture in the soil. The device comes calibrated by the manufacturer. The pH meter can be recalibrated by using the calibration solutions that come with the device. Calibration data remains stored in the device even when the batteries have been changed.

**Care must be taken when inserting probe to not break it**

More Information

pH is one of the essential parameters which influences and determines the normal functioning of many processes in nature, industry and agriculture. Besides climate, weather conditions, types of plants, area, annual precipitation, one of the important factors that is taken into consideration at any agrochemical analysis is the quality of soil and its pH parameter, in particular. Acidity of the soil is a pledge of a “good life” of crops and plants growing there. Besides, it determines also the life conditions for microorganisms, the presence of which may have both, positive and negative effects on the process of growing of trees, vegetables, crops, berries, bushes etc. even the quality of the hay used for cattle and livestock depends on the acidity of the soil, since the amount of nutrients, vitamins, proteins and valuable minerals contained in the soil and enriching the plants in the process of their growth, significantly fluctuates depending on the fluctuation of the pH level. For example, if the acidity level increases too much, the valuable elements cannot reach the plants and won’t be absorbed in the necessary amounts.

The farmers who neglect the usage of the auxiliary equipment for regular monitoring of the pH level of the soil take huge risks, since the damage from that may go beyond expectations. The pH level of soil is not an unchangeable parameter, and it may fluctuate because of different reasons. The positive side is that it can be influenced and regulated by different measures (supplementary minerals, correct choice of plants for particular soils, longer time periods between planting, ash, humus, compost application etc.). pH Meter for Soil.If to leave the soil without control and try to grow different plants just relying on good weather and luck, the result will be unpredictable. Soil consists of different substrates (peat, humus, turfy soil, leaves) and they may have very different acidity levels. It does not mean that they all should correspond to the same ranges. Particular types of plants need particular soil, that is why analysis and control should be carried out based on the acidity scale. The scale is logarithmic and it is important to note that even a “small” one unit change of the value means the 10-fold change of the acidity or alkalinity. Modern pH meters applied for soil testing are convenient and easy-to-use and can be applied for samples testing in the field as well as in the laboratory. Just visual inspection of the soil may give an indication to an experienced person, for example, its color and the presence of the white substance on the soil, very weak plants, absence of flowers or blossom, spots on the leaves – all these are the indicators that the soil pH has shifted in the wrong direction. PH meter may become a very useful auxiliary tool in the hands of the professional farmer or just gardener interested to get the best harvest possible and provide “quality life” for the own garden. Soil permanently gets big amounts of water, not only as a result of irrigation, but also from the atmosphere, as well as underground waters. This factor may also cause a serious influence on the change of the pH parameter. Modern pH meter required at least the residue of water in the soil sample to provide accurate and reliable measurement.

Measure soil quality with a pH meter PCE-PH20S.The neutral pH level of 7 is quite a favorable number, but each gardener needs to remember that for some crops more acidic (lower that 7) or more alkaline (above 7) soils are much better. More acidic soils contain more aluminum and mangan than natrium and calcium, and vice versa for alkaline. Too much of the microelements may be as harmful as too little. That is why application of the reliable pH meter may provide the user with exact measurement values and thus, information about the real condition of the soil showing what measures should be taken for improvement if such is necessary. Interaction of the elements in the soil and their growth or reduction depending on the acidity level, may “kill” the harvest, even though the same elements in small amounts bring only positive use. An example is wheat growth, for which the values of pH lower than 5 and 4 are just devastating, even in spite of good weather conditions and qualitative grain. pH measurement also helps to clarify the reason of the bacteria growth which sometimes may be very harmful for the plants and the only solution is to change the acidity of the soil.

Application of the pH meter for soil saves a lot of time, efforts, complicated calculations and, which is the most important, a lot of trouble that may be caused by the fluctuation of the pH value in the soil and lead to immense losses of crops and subsequently, huge financial losses.

- Waterproof (IP 67)
- External electrode with cable
- Highly accurate
- Auto shut-off to protect battery life
- Calibration solutions are included

Measurement range0.00 to 14.00pH
Accuracy±0.07pH (between 5 and 9pH)
±0.1pH (from 4 to 4.9 and 9.1 to 10pH)
±0.2pH (from 1 to 3.9 and 10 to 13pH)
Calibrationautomatic, depending on the calibration solution pH value of 4, 7 or 10
ElectrodepH electrode with glass casing
Power 4 AAA batteries
Operating conditions 0 to 60 ºC / 32 ºF to 140 ºF <80% r.h.
Dimensions 180 mm x 40 mm
7.1 in x 1.6 in
Weight 220 g / 0.58 lbs

1 x PCE-PH20S pH meter for soil
1 x pH electrode
4 x batteries
1 x set of calibration solutions for pH 4 and 7 (in 75 ml containers)
1 x user manual