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PAT Tester PCE-ET 3000

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PCE-ET 3000
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PAT Tester  (resistance / voltage)
for houses and buildings 

This PAT Tester is used to measure lightning-arresters or ground connection lightning-arresters for all kind of buildings. earth tester possesses a hermetic case and fulfils all the VDE 0413 safety requirements for the technical service operators. The PAT Tester is appropriate for measuring ground electrodes, lightning-arresters or little earth resistance systems as well as for measuring power resistance, conductive elements and coupling components.

Modern switching circuits reduce the influences of both pressure and earth resistance of the surrounding earth electrodes. Calibration of the earth tester with the adjoining control mechanism avoids the loss of precision at measuring.

Frequency control of 850 Hz avoids the influence of scattered currents of the net and its harmonic elements. Besides, this tester has a filter incorporated to delete distorted signs. The PAT Tester is delivered with the factory calibration however it can also have ISO calibration certificate.


- 3 ½ positions LCD display (máx. 1999)
- High accuracy
- Battery indicator / of range superation
- Data Hold
- Safety: IEC-1010-1 y CAT III 300 V
- Very good quality
- Components: checking cables: 15 m of red
  cable, 10 m of yellow cable, 5 m of green
  cable, ground needles, batteries and user
- Optional ISO calibration certificate.


Measuring earth resistance.

The earth tester is connected with the special ground components introduced on the earth by means of the checking cables. To make accurate measurements with this tester, ground has to be wet, if not ground will be wet. Ground components will be put in a straight line (place the black cable, then the green cable, the yellow one for one ground rod and finally the red cable for the second ground rod). Now everything is ready to connect the earth tester to check the earth connection of your building. This can be also used inside a building to check that water connections with earth work properly. This tester has been developed according to IEC 1010-1 standard and fulfils all the  safety conditions for  control electronic mechanism (CAT III).


Earth resistance0 ... 19.99/ 0 ... 199/
y 0 ... 1999 Ω
10/ 100 mΩ / 1 Ω± 2% + 2 positions
 AC Stress0 ... 200 V AC
50/60 Hz
0,1 V± 3% + 2 positions
Lower measurement limit.  0.01 Ω
Current of measurement2 mAeff / rms
Response timeaprox. 2.5 s
Measuring quota4 s
Frequency820 Hz
Overload rangein case of overlaoad, „1“ is shown
Power6 x 1.5 V batteries
Dimensions160 x 120 x 65 mm
Weight560 g 
SafetyIEC- 1010- 1; EN 61010- 1
instalation category: III
EMVEN 50081- 1; EN 50082- 1
corresp. DIN/ VDE 0413 part 7

Delivery Scope

1 x PAT Tester PCE-ET 3000
1 x Test cable set (15 m red, 10 m yellow, 5 m green)
1 x Set of earth rods
1 x User manual