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PAT Tester

Order no.: TG basic 1

The safety tester TG basic 1 is battery-operated. The safety tester TG basic 1 is easy to use because of the automatic test procedure.

- Battery-operated safety tester
- Ease to use
- Automatic test procedure
- Good / Bad Rating

Manufacturer: Gilgen, Müller & Weigert GmbH & Co. KG
Test Instruments manufacturer
Order no.: PKT-2775

The PAT test equipment fulfils all demands of the standards and has a GS- sign of the TÜV.

- GS- sign given by RW-TÜV
- Fast PLL- controlled LCD- display
- Calibrated measuring line in range between R-PE


Test Instruments manufacturer
Order no.: Metratester 5+3P

3-Phase PAT Tester to measure the electric safety of single- and -phase electrical operating equipment. According to regulations are to test: resistance of protective conductor, insulation resistance, alternative leakage current, differential current, contact current, protection conductor current.

- DIN VDE 0104: Installing and operating electrical inspection constructions
- IEC 61010-1, DIN EN 61 010-1/ VDE 0411-1: Safety regulations for electrical
  measuring, controlling, regulating and laboratory equipment
- General requirements DIN VDE 0404: devices for safety-related inspections of
  electrical operating facilities


Manufacturer: GMC-I Messtechnik GmbH
Test Instruments manufacturer