Paint Gauge PCE-CT 29

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Paint Gauge with a measuring range of 0 ... 2000 µm / Micro-USB /
statistics function / limit value alarm function / temperature and moisture measurement / V-groove 
Software for transferring the measured values / optionally with ISO calibration certificate 

The Paint Gauge has a measuring range of 0 ... 2000 µm. The Paint Gauge can measure the coating thickness on ferrous (Fe) and non-ferrous (NFe) metals. For a better analysis of the measurements, the coating thickness gauge has a measuring function based on the SSPC standards. With this function, the corrosion protection of a coating can be checked with the Paint Gauge.

The Group function stores the measured values directly on the Paint Gauge. A memory of 50 groups with 50 measurements each is available on the Paint Gauge. In each group, statistics are created for all measured values from the Paint Gauge. All measurement data and statistics can be recalled after a measurement run on the Paint Gauge.

For further analysis of the measured values, the Paint Gauge can be connected to a PC. The Paint Gauge has a micro-USB interface for this purpose. The software can be used to transfer the measurement data from the Paint Gauge to a PC. In addition, it is possible to carry out live measurements with the Paint Gauge using the software. For further processing of the measured values from the Paint Gauge, they can be exported in CSV and XLS format via the software. 

In addition to the coating thickness measurement, the Paint Gauge can measure the temperature and humidity of the environment. Thus, the Paint Gauge can be used to find out whether the climatic conditions are right to carry out further processing on the coating. 

With the V-groove, the coating thickness of, for example, pipes can also be determined with the Paint Gauge. Optionally, the Paint Gauge can be equipped with an ISO calibration certificate.

- Data memory for later evaluations
- Rechargeable batteries
- For ferrous and non-ferrous metals
- Alarm when limit value exceeded
- Statistics function for analyzing a test object
- Alignment sensor for turning the display
- Measuring range 0 ... 1500 μm
- Graphic representation of the measured values
Measurement on ferrous metal (Fe)
Measuring range0 ... 2000 µm
Resolution0.1 µm @ 0.0 ... 99.9 µm
 1 µm @ 100 ... 2000 µm
Accuracy±(2 % ±2 µm of Mw.)
Repeatability±(1 % ±1 µm of Mw.)
Smallest radius of curvature1.5 mm
Smallest measuring areaØ7 mm
Smallest layer thickness0.5 mm
Measurement on non-ferrous metal (NFe)
Measuring range0 ... 2000 µm
Resolution0.1 µm @ 0.0 ... 99.9 µm
 1 µm @ 100 ... 2000 µm
Accuracy±(2 % ±2 µm of Mw.)
Repeatability±(1 % ±1 µm of Mw.)
Smallest radius of curvature3 mm
Smallest measuring area Ø5 mm
Smallest layer thickness0.3 mm
Measuring range0 ... 50 °C / 32 ... 122 °F
Resolution0.1 °C / °F
Accuracy±1.2 °C / ±2.2°F
Measuring range0 ... 100 % r. h.
Resolution0.1 % r. h.
Accuracy±3.2 % r. h. @ 20.0 ... 70.0 % r. h.
 ±4.0 % r. h. @ 0.0 ... 19.9 % r. h.
 ±4.0 % r. h. @ 70.1 ... 100.0 % r. h.
Further specifications 
Base material for measurements Ferrous (Fe) and non-ferrous (NFe) metals
Display2.4 " LC display
Automatic display orientation0, 90, 180 and 270 °, can be switched off
 (only measuring window)
Statistic functionsaverage, highest, lowest and SDEV measured value
Measuring modesdirect, groups, SSPC
Unitsµm, mm, mils, inch
Power supply2 x 1.5 V AA batteries
InterfaceMicro-USB (for data transfer only)
Alarmsignal tone and / or LED signal light in case of
 Exceeding of the adjustable upper and lower alarm limit
Switch-offOff, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes
Menu languagesEnglish, German, French, Spanish,
 Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese
Operating conditions0 ... 50 °C, 20 ... 90 % r.h., non-condensing
Storage conditions-10 ... +60 °C, 20 ... 90 % r.h., non-condensing
Dimensions 35 x 64 x 137 mm
Weight 175 g

1 x Paint Gauge PCE-CT 29
1 x set of standard foils
1 x carrying case,
1 x calibration plates (Fe and NFe)
1 x mass data storage
2 x 1.5 V AA battery, 
1 x instruction manual