Outdoor Aircraft Noise Meter PCE-428-EKIT

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Aircraft Noise Meter PCE-428-EKIT incl. Outdoor Noise Level Meter Kit
Class II sound level meter with octave filter or 1/3 octave filter for frequency analysis / USB interface / Datalogger / A, B, C, Z rating / Fast, slow and pulse analysis

The aircraft noise meter PCE-428-EKIT consists of two components: The noise meter PCE-428 and the outdoor measuring kit PCE-4xx-EKIT. In this combination of components, this aircraft noise meter is ideal for permanent noise level monitoring at airports, approach lanes in residential areas and wherever aircraft noise needs to be monitored.

The PCE-428 Aircraft Noise Meter meets all the requirements of Class 2 sound level meters. It is equipped with an octave band filter for frequency analysis. Optionally, this frequency filter can be upgraded to a 1/3 octave band filter. Thanks to the integrated memory or data logger function, the aircraft noise meter can log the measured values over a set storage interval. The measuring range of the aircraft noise measuring device extends from 25 ... 136 dbA at a frequency of between 20 Hz and 12.5 kHz. The Aircraft Noise Meter has various automatic measuring functions such as Leq, Lmax, Lmin, Lpeak ... For frequency evaluation, the basis of evaluation A, B, C and Z are always available as standard in the aircraft noise meter. The display is able to show the measured values of the aircraft noise meter numerically with bargraphs or graphically.

As a special feature, the aircraft noise meter is supplied with a waterproof kit for permanent outdoor use. This outdoor kit ensures that the sound level meter can be safely used even in bad weather conditions. The measuring kit of the aircraft noise measuring device consists of a waterproof plastic case with charging unit and additional batteries as well as special wind and rain protection for the microphone of the PCE-428. During the complete aircraft noise measurement, the sound level meter can remain in the suitcase. The additional batteries from the aircraft noise meter ensure that a measurement of 10 days at a time can be performed. The charger, which is included in the outdoor kit, is also IP65 protected and can thus remain outside of the case during operation, so that much longer runtimes are possible from the aircraft noise meter.

The evaluation software of the aircraft noise measuring device can be used to evaluate how often and when certain sound events have occurred. For this purpose, the software simply enters the aircraft noise threshold and the software evaluates the complete acoustic measurement cycle in tabular form and displays only the corresponding sound levels with time and date stamp.

- 1/1 octave band included
- 1/3 octave band optional
- Accuracy class 2
- A, B, C & Z frequency rating
- Fast, Slow, Pulse and Peak time weighting
- Statistics function
- Display of the sound profile as a graph
- 3 measuring profiles adjustable
- Low inherent noise
- ICCP microphone 40 mV /PA
- Alarm level adjustable

Measuring range

25 ...  136 dbA


Class 2

Frequency range

20 Hz ... 12.5 kHz


ANSI S1.4-1983
ANSI S1.43-1997

Frequency analysis

Octave band filter: 20Hz ... 8kHz
1/3 Octave band filter: 20Hz ... 12.5kHz


1/2" measurement microphone class 2
Sensitivity: 40 mV/PA
Frequency range: 20 Hz ... 12.5 kHz
Connection: TNC
Power supply: ICCP Standard

Data-logging interval

1 s ... 24 h (adjustable)

Measuring functions


X = Frequency weighting: A, B, C, Z; 
Y =  Time weighting: F, S, I; 
N = Statistics in %: 1 ... 99 %

24 hour measurement

Automatic measurement with data storage

Frequency weightings

A, B, C, Z

Time weightings

Fast (F), Slow (S), Pulse(I), Peak

Inherent noise

Microphone: 20 db(A), 26 db(C), 31 db(Z)
Electronics: 14 db(A), 19 db(C), 24 db(Z)

AD converter

24 Bit

Sample rate

Standard: 48 kHz
LN Mode: 20 ms

Measuring display

Bar graph


160 x 160 Pixel LCD with backlight 


4 GB Micro SD card


USB (Memory readable via software or directly as mass storage)

Voltage output

DC 10 mV/db



Power supply

4 x 1.5 V AA batteries
12 V / 1 A power plug
5 V / 1 A USB

Operating time battery mode

min. 10 h


70 x 300 x 36 mm / 2.76 x 11.81 x 1.42" (W x H x D)


approx. 620 g / 1.4 lbs incl. batteries

Transport case PELI 1510 with rollers with grid foam
Protection IP65
Outdoor Noise Level Meter Kit
Connections on the suitcase Microphone: TNC
12 V charging voltage: XLR
110 V / 230 V charging voltage: PowerCon TRU
Charger Victron Blue Smart 12 V / 4 A IP65
Internal batteries 2 x 12 V / 12 Ah lead gel
Battery running time min. 10 days
Power supply with charger EU version: 180 ... 265 V AC
with charger US version: 100 ... 130 V AC
battery operation: 2 x 12 V / 12 Ah
Cable length Microphone cable: 2 m / 6 ft 6" with TNC connector
Power supply: 2 m / 6 ft 6" with PowerCon TRU
Dimensions 56 x 35 x 23 cm / 2.2 x 1.3 x 0.9"
Weight ca. 14 kg / 30 lb 13 oz with batteries
ca. 8 kg / 17 lb 10 oz without batteries

1 x Aircraft Noise Meter PCE-428-EKIT incl. Outdoor Moise Level Meter Kit
1 x 1/2" measurement microphone class 2
1 x Wind noise suppression (foam ball)
1 x USB interface cable
1 x Software is a free download
1 x Power adapter
1 x Suitcase
1 x User manual
1 x Outdoor Noise Level Meter Kit PCE-4xx-EKIT
1 x Waterproof PELI transport case
1 x Wind and rain protection for microphone of the PCE-4xx series
1 x Charger for internal batteries
2 x 12 V lead gel batteries
1 x Tripod
1 x 2 m / 6ft 6" microphone cable
1 x Connection cable for power supply 110 V / 230 V (optional Schuko or US connection)

Note: The aircraft noise meter PCE-428-EKIT comes with octave band filter. Optionally upgrade with a 1/3 octave band filter (see option)