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Videoscope PCE-MM 200UV

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Videoscope PCE-MM 200UV

Videoscope with up to 200 x magnification connects to computer via USB port

PCE-MM 200UV is a UV USB microscope, or UV USB inspection camera, that magnifies objects up to 200 times. This Videoscope uses 8 UV LEDs with a wavelength of 365 nm for illumination. The microscope captures photos and videos as well as displays magnified objects in real time on your computer screen. The included software allows you to add text and draw lines, squares and circles in a photo. The software also facilitates calibration for accurate measurement.

Introduction Videoscope

Introduction of USB microscopes has significantly improved the level of performance of many tasks connected with extreme accuracy and precision. Thus, the device may be used anywhere for strict control, observation, checking as well as carrying out mechanical tasks or assembling. Besides that, the UV filter allows application under unusual condition, in particular, UV illumination. Videoscope Main Picture Viewing the results of the examination on the screen of the computer or laptop due to the USB port connection, from one side, provides better condition for an operator, since the tension for the eyes is significantly reduced and there is no need to concentrate and focus as much as in the case with the traditional microscopes, and from the other side, a perfect accuracy and quality is ensured, due to the possibility to take pictures and videos of the best quality and resolution. This advantageous feature is especially good for faults and surface imperfections detection or for quality control.Videoscope Application Application of such device improves the performance and allows for more detailed studying of the element from different angles, at different magnification and illumination levels. Recording and storage of a high-quality images during the inspection process, possible in case of the application of the UV USB microscope, may even be necessary as a proof of the required repair, of a poor or good quality of a certain object. This makes such microscope a very useful device not only for the laboratory, industrial or household application, but for all those who deal with production, assessment, repair, quality control and similar.


- Enlargement: continuous 10 ... 200-fold
- Resolution: 1600 x 1200 pixels
- Frame rate: 30 frames per second


Magnification Continuous, 10... 200 times (infinitely variable)

Resolution 1600 x 1200 pixels

Light source 8 x LED UV 400 nm (MM200 UV)

Colors 24-bit RGB

Image frequency 30 frames per second

Video format AVI

Computer connection USB 2.0

Power supply USB 2.0

System requirements Windows XP SP2 upwards / MAC OS 10.5 (without photo button)

Approx. dimensions 110 x 33 mm / 4.33 x 1.30 in

Approx. weight 90 g / < 1 lb

Delivery Scope

1 x PCE-MM 200UV UV USB microscope
1 x Tripod
1 x Foot
2 x Magnification adapters
1 x Calibration ruler
1 x USB interface cable
1 x Software CD-ROM
1 x User manual