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USB Microscope PCE-MM 800

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PCE-MM 800
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USB - Microscope PCE-MM 800

USB microscope for computer display / Maximum resolution 1600 x 1200 pixels
Up to 1600x magnification / Supplied with stand
8 bright LEDs for optimal lighting

The USB microscope is designed to display simple magnifications on a computer screen. The USB microscope is connected to a screen. This allows a large presentation for several people. In addition, the USB microscope can illuminate the test objects by means of eight built-in LEDs in such a way that a perfect representation is possible. These LEDs are arranged in such a way that uniform illumination is ensured from all sides. The light intensity can be adjusted manually, so that there is no over-exposure.

Introduction USB microscope

The test objects which can be viewed with the USB microscope are the same, which are otherwise checked with conventional mono-, bino- and trinocular microscopes.USB Microscope Main Picture The images displayed on the screen can be captured as images or video. By means of the video function, changes in the field of view can thus also be exhibited. The magnification of the USB microscope can be set by the user and ranges from 200x magnification up to 1600x magnification. This is a value which is comparatively high even in conventional microscopes. Due to this high functionality, the USB microscope PCE-MM 800 is ideally suited for industrial and domestic applications.

Microscope as a device capable to magnify tiny objects has ever been of great interest not only in the laboratory, but also, in the industrial, chemical, biological, medical spheres, in the teaching-room and household. USB-port brings various devices equipped with it to an absolutely new level and USB microscope in not an exception. Besides studying very small objects and their parts, which was possible with the ordinary microscopes, the new-generation digital microscopes have got a few more applications, like soldering, working on jewellery pieces, minerals, giving assessments of pieces of art, performing some very fine mechanical tasks, reading texts in very small font or studying pictures with lots of elements, which cannot be seen well enough by the human eye. USB Microscope ApplicationPC / laptop together with the USB microscope connected to it make a perfect equipment kit for a professional as well as for an amateur or even a child. Due to the function of video and images recording, all the parameters may be measured precisely, the working process may be documented, the data may be stored and reviewed later. It significantly widens and facilitates the range of tasks that can be fulfilled with the help of this equipment. In some cases, the USB microscope may even perform a function of a perfect magnifying glass and help not only those people who have problems with their eyesight, but all those who have to deal with the tasks requiring scrupulousness and accuracy. One more application of the USB microscope is watchmaking and repair. As against to the past, when just one person could see the magnified element through the lens, one USB device may be enough to share the results of the observation or experiment with a large audience.


- 200 ... 1600 times magnification
- Bright LED lighting
- Maximum display: 1600 x 1200 pixels
- Image and video recording function
- Supplied with software and tripod
- Power supply and data transfer via USB


Sensor CMOS
Focusing range 10 mm / 0.39 in ... Wide angle
Resolution (image and video)   Default: 640 x 480
Maximum: 1600 x 1200
Snapshot Through software or device
Lighting 8 bright, built-in LEDs
Frame rate 30 fps at 600 lux brightness
Enlargement 200x / 500x / 800x / 1000x / 1600x
PC- interface USB
Power supply   5V DC via USB port
Digital zoom 5x
Brightness adjustment Manual
Language English
Dimensions 112 x 33 mm / 4.4 x 1.3 in
Weight 250 g

Delivery Scope

1 x Microscope PCE-MM 800
1 x Microscope table stand
1 x Software
1 x Calibration template
1 x Instruction manual