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Material Tester PCE-UCD 100

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Material testing device for quality assessment / Measurement with ultrasonic sensors / Large touch display / 8 GB internal storage with data management / Includes carrying strap and case
The material testing device sets a new standard for the quality control of concrete structures. With a wide range of measurement parameters and state-of-the-art technology, this material testing device enables accurate assessment of concrete piles, concrete beams, and other building components. This innovative material testing device provides not only reliable concrete strength measurements but also detailed error detection, including the size and depth of voids and cracks. The included camera even allows for precise measurement of crack widths.

The material testing device is specifically designed to accurately measure concrete strength and detect flaws such as voids and cracks. It enables measurements on concrete piles, concrete beams, and other concrete structures.
The camera allows for high-resolution capture of cracks and facilitates precise measurement of crack width directly on the material testing device. With an impressive bandwidth of 1 to 500 kHz, the material testing device covers a wide frequency spectrum, enabling accurate and reliable measurement in various concrete structures. The material testing device features a 10.1" TFT touchscreen display that provides a clear and intuitive user interface.

The material testing device comes in a robust carrying case, which not only enables easy transportation but also protects the material testing device from impacts and moisture. With an internal storage of 8 GB, measurement data, images, and other information can be easily stored and transferred to the provided software.


- Measurement on concrete piles, concrete beams
- Measurement parameters: Concrete strength, error detection, size and depth of voids, cracks
- Includes a camera for measuring crack width
- Bandwidth 1 to 500 kHz
- Display: 10.1" TFT touchscreen display
- Sturdy carrying case
- Internal storage: 8 GB


Acoustic Signal Range 
Measurement Range-1677700 µs ... +1677700 µs
Resolution0.05 µs
General Technical Data 
Measurement FunctionsDetection of concrete piles, concrete strength, depth and width of voids, cracks
Measurement Interval0.05 ... 409.6 µs
Display TypeTFT color display
Display Size10.1 inches
Data InterfaceUSB
Battery Capacity8100 mAh
Battery Voltage11.1 V
Battery TypeLithium-ion battery
Bandwidth1 ... 500 kHz
Test Voltage125 V, 250 V, 500 V, 1000 V
Gain Range146 dB
Menu LanguageEnglish, Chinese
Protection ClassIP20
Power SupplyMains, Battery
Weight2160 g
Device Weight with Accessories8152 g
Device Weight with Accessories and Packaging8700 g
Dimensions (L x W x H)300 x 200 x 58 mm
Additional DimensionsSensor Cable Length: approximately 10 m
Operating Conditions0 ... 50 °C, 10 ... 85 % r.F.
Storage Conditions0 ... 50 °C, 10 ... 85 % r.F.

Delivery Scope

1 x Material Tester PCE-UCD 100
2 x Ultrasonic sensors
1 x Camera
1 x Ultrasonic contact gel
2 x Signal cables
1 x Camera cable
1 x Carrying strap
1 x USB stick with software
1 x Measurement template
1 x Mains adapter with IEC cable
1 x Plastic case
1 x User manual