Differential Pressure Manometer PCE-P50-ICA Incl. ISO Calibration Certificate

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ISO Calibration

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PCE-P50 Differential Pressure Manometer incl. ISO calibration certificate
Handheld dual-port digital meter measures gauge pressure and true differential pressure from 0 to 100 psi

PCE-P50 is a differential pressure manometer used to measure gauge pressure and true differential pressure in pneumatic, hydraulic, compressor and pump installations, valves, tanks and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. 11 pressure units are selectable for Imperial and Metric measurement, including bar, mmHg, ozin², kgcm², psi, inH2, kPa, ftH2O|, inHg, cmH2O and mbar.

Gauge pressure is measured relative to the ambient atmospheric pressure. Thus, changes in the atmospheric pressure due to weather conditions or altitude directly influence the output of a gauge pressure sensor. A gauge pressure higher than the ambient pressure is referred to as positive pressure. If the measured pressure is below the atmospheric pressure, it is called negative or vacuum gauge pressure.

Although most gauge pressure sensors technically are differential pressure sensors — measuring the difference between the media and atmospheric pressure — true differential pressure sensors are used to identify the difference between two separate physical areas. PCE-P50 features two pressure ports and a differential pressure function for measuring true differential pressure.

- 0 to 100 psi measuring range
- 11 measurement units: bar, mmHg, ozin², kgcm², psi, inH2, kPa, ftH2O|, inHg, cmH2O, mbar
- Stores min / max values
- Data hold function
- Auto power off (can be disabled)
- Large LCD screen with backlight
- ABS plastic housing
- Connects to PC via RS-232 interface (cable and software not included - see accessories)
- Incl. ISO calibration certificate
Measuring range: 0 to 100 psi
Units of measure: bar, mmHg, ozin², kgcm², psi, inH2, kPa, ftH2O|, inHg, cmH2O, mbar
Resolution: 0.1 psi
Accuracy: ± 0.3% of full scale at 25°C / 77°F
Response time: 0.5 seconds
Power supply: 1 x 9V battery
Approx. dimensions: 72 x 182 x 30 mm / 2.84 x 7.17 x 1.18 in
Approx. weight: 220 g / < 1 lb (with battery)

See user manual for complete technical specifications.
1 x PCE-P50 differential pressure manometer
2 x Silicon tubes
1 x Battery
1 x User manual
1 x Carrying case
1 x ISO calibration certificate