Inspection Camera PCE-LCM 50

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Inspection camera PCE-LCM 50
Inspection camera with video and photo recording / User interface for adjusting the image / 
Adjustable optical magnification 1 ... 4 times / Dirt protection thanks to protective hood / 
Image sensor 1/3" 3MP / Optimal illumination of the samples thanks to LED ring

The inspection camera offers the possibility to enlarge small objects quickly and easily. During the analysis, the enlarged image on the inspection camera can be saved by mouse click directly on the supplied Micro-SD card and evaluated or sent to the PC for later analysis. The magnification factor of the inspection camera is between 8.1 and 32.4. As a result, even smaller objects in the inspection camera can be magnified well.

The incident light ring on the inspection camera consists of 21 LEDs. The inspection camera also has another lighting unit in the base for transmitted-light microscopy. In addition, the entire lighting can be set separately in the inspection camera in 5 stages. Also helpful is the user interface, in which the digital brightness in the inspection camera can be set manually as well as automatically. Because of the two lighting methods and the extensive setting options of the lighting, almost every object to be analyzed can be optimally illuminated with the inspection camera.

- Adjustable digital zoom
- Carrying handle for easy transport
- User interface can be operated via PC mouse
- Contrast disc and transmitted light disc
- Adjustable optical magnification
- Video and photo shoot
Optical zoom 8.1 ... 32.4x
Optical lens 1 ... 4x
Barlow 0.3 times
Digital zoom 1 ... 10x
Max. object height

4 cm

Fixed working distance 90.5 mm
Image sensor 1/3", 3MP
White balance Automatically or by pressing a button
Display resolution 1024 x 600 pixels
Frame rate 30 fps
Pixel size 2.75 x 2.75 μm
Interface USB 2.0
Power supply power supply      Primary: 100 ... 240V
  Secondary: 12V, 1A
Illumination reflected light Ring with 21 x 2- mA LEDs, 5 levels adjustable
Illumination transmitted light         7 x 20-mA LEDs, 5 levels adjustable
Environmental conditions -5 ... 40°C / 23 ... 104°F, 45 ... 85% rh
Dimensions 300 x 225 x 270 mm / 11.8 x 8.9 x 10.6 in 
Weight About 2.3 kg / 5.1 lbs

1 x Inspection camera PCE-LCM 50
1 x USB mouse
1 x Micro SD card
1 x Protective cover
1 x Contrast disc black / white
1 x Translucent lens
1 x Power supply
1 x Protective film
1 x User manual