Infrared Thermometer PCE-889B

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Infrared thermometer for non-contact temperature measurement / Adjustable emissivity / 
Optical resolution 30:1 / Measuring range of -50 ... 1000°C / -58 ... 1832°F 
Double laser aiming / Maximum value display

The infrared thermometer is suitable for private and industrial usebecause of its price-performance ratio. An infrared thermometer is a contactless measuringdevice. The bright laser dots from infrared instrumentsare clearly visible and provide easier temperature measurement from a distance. The spot size ratio allows the user to make even the most remote measurements. The emissivity of the infrared thermometer is adjustable.

The temperature range that is measurable is between -50 and 1000°C / -58 ... 1832°F. Thus, a large area is covered and this is also the reason why the infrared thermometer is so versatile. The operational area of the infrared thermometer is quite large. This equipment can be used in many processes of industry, handicrafts, trade and hobbies. Thus, the infrared thermometer can be used for maintenance of manufacturing facilities. It also helps to ensure the cold chain, and is used for the temperature checking of work pieces.

- Optical resolution 30:1
- Measuring range of -50 ... 1000°C / -58 ... 1832°F 
- Maximum value display
- Adjustable emissivity
- Double laser aiming
- Backlit display

Measuring ranges-50 ... 1000°C / -58 ... 1832°F
Resolution0.1°C / 0.18°F
Accuracy± 1%
Response time<150 ms
Ratio of measuring distance to spot size 30:1
Adjustable emissivity, depending on the material  0.1 ... 1.0
Spectral range8 ... 14 µm
Visible laser beams for sightingDouble laser (class 2)
Dimensions146 x 104 x 43 mm / 5.7 x 4.1 x 1.7 in
Weight163 g / < 1 lb
Temperature units°C / °F
Display functionsHOLD function, automatic shutdown,
maximum value display
Indicator if temperature is exceededYes
Duration measurement functionYes
Alarm outputYes
Power supply9V block battery

1 x Infrared Thermometer PCE-889B
1 x Battery
1 x Instruction manual