Force Gauge PCE-PFG 2K

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Force gauge PCE-PFG 500
with internal S load cell, graphic display, memory and USB-B interface

The PCE-PFG force measuring device is a handy, digital measuring device for measuring tensile and compressive forces. The force measuring device offers a sampling rate of 500 Hz and various measurement options such as real-time measurement (RT), maximum value measurement (PEAK), configurable average value acquisition (Average) and automatic measurement storage of up to 100 measurements.

The measurement data and a statistical evaluation of the data stored in the force measuring device (MIN / MAX / average) are shown on the graphic display and can be transferred to a PC via the USB interface. In addition, the force measuring device offers a limit value function MIN / MAX, which can switch a multi-colored LED (yellow / green / red) and switching contacts.The force measuring device can be operated continuously for up to 36 hours on a single charge (without background lighting) and is a reliable partner as a mobile force measuring device.

- 4 measurement modes (real-time measurement / maximum value / average measurement / automatic memory measurement)
- Internal memory for up to 100 measured values
- Statistics evaluation (MIN / MAX / average)
- rotatable display
- Alarm function with multi-colored LED (yellow / green / red) and switching contact output 2.85 V.
- USB B interface
- Battery life up to 36 hours
Measuring range0 ... 2000 N
0.5 N
±0.3 % of the measuring range
Measurement units N, kgF, lbF
Display 1.8" graphic display
Alarm modes Below, Inside, Outside
Sampling rate 500 Hz
100 measurements
Power supply lithium battery 3.7 V / 1500 mAh
Battery life up to 36 hours
Power supply / USB charging adapter 5 V / 1 A
interface: USB B
Switching output / alarm modes: MD6 with 2.85 V if active
Protection class IP 54
Operating and storage conditions  
5 ... 45 °C
35 ... 65 % r.H. not condensing
Dimensions of load cell
L 52 mm / H 72 mm / W 19 mm / M12 thread / 490 g

(see technical drawing)
Cable length of load cell
approx. 1.8 m
Dimensions handset
189 x 707 x 34 mm
Weight handset
240 g

1 x Force gauge PCE-PFG 2K
1 x 2000N S load cell
2 x M12 eye bolts
2 x force pads
1 x USB cable
1 x USB charger
1 x instruction manual
1 x plastic carrying case