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Force Gauge PCE-PFG 100

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Force gauge
with internal S load cell, graphic display, memory and USB-B interface

The force measuring device is a handy, digital measuring device for measuring tensile and compressive forces. The force measuring device offers a sampling rate of 500 Hz and various measurement options such as real-time measurement (RT), maximum value measurement (PEAK), configurable average value acquisition (Average) and automatic measurement storage of up to 100 measurements.

The measurement data and a statistical evaluation of the data stored in the force measuring device (MIN / MAX / average) are shown on the graphic display and can be transferred to a PC via the USB interface. In addition, the force measuring device offers a limit value function MIN / MAX, which can switch a multi-colored LED (yellow / green / red) and switching contacts.

The graphic display can be rotated and the force measuring device can be securely attached to a test stand using the M4 threaded holes on the back. The force is introduced into the internally installed load cell via an M6 threaded rod. Various mounting pieces are included in the scope of delivery of the force measuring device. The force measuring device can be operated continuously for up to 36 hours on a single charge (without background lighting) and is a reliable partner as a mobile force measuring device.


- 4 measurement modes (real-time measurement / maximum value / average measurement / automatic memory measurement)
- Internal memory for up to 100 measured values
- Statistics evaluation (MIN / MAX / average)
- rotatable display
- Alarm function with multi-colored LED (yellow / green / red) and switching contact output 2.85 V.
- USB B interface
- Battery life up to 36 hours


Measuring range0 ... 100 N
0.02 N
±0.3 % of the measuring range
Measurement units N, kgF, lbF
Display 1.8" graphic display
Alarm modes Below, Inside, Outside
Sampling rate 500 Hz
100 measurements
Power supply lithium battery 3.7 V / 1500 mAh
Battery life up to 36 hours
Power supply / USB charging adapter 5 V / 1 A
interface: USB B
Switching output / alarm modes: MD6 with 2.85 V if active
Protection class IP 54
Operating and storage conditions  
5 ... 45 °C
35 ... 65 % r.H. not condensing
Force application M6 x 10 mm thread
189 x 707 x 34 mm
450 g

Delivery Scope

1 x Force Gauge PCE-PFG 100
1 x flat head adapter Ø13 mm
1 x pointed head adapter
1 x hook adapter
1 x extension rod (75 mm)
1 x USB cable
1 x USB charger
1 x instruction manual
1 x plastic carrying case