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Device Clamp Force Gauge PCE-4PCFM

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Device Clamp Force Gauge PCE-4PCFM
Maximum force 30 kN / Resolution 1 kg / Measurement uncertainty 0.5% full scale /
Graphic color touch display / Adjustable measuring points / Battery operation / Incl. printer
The clamp force tester PCE-4PCFM is a 4-point force meter that can ensure the optimal clamp force distribution.

For the transport of white goods (refrigerators, washing machines, etc.) and brown goods (consumer electronics), larger and larger large area clamps are being used. The aim is to be able to move as many goods as possible safely in one work step. To ensure this, the clamp arms are designed with multiple adjustment points, giving the user the ability to evenly distribute the clamping force across the load.

The device clamp tester PCE-4PCFM was developed precisely for this purpose. The clamp force tester simultaneously determines the compressive forces / clamp forces that occur at 4 different measuring points.

Each of these 4 force sensors can record a maximum force of up to 3t. The force is shown on the color display of the 4-point measuring carriage with a resolution of 1 kg. The force of each individual sensor and the totals of several sensors are displayed and also shown as a percentage in relation to the total force. The forces can be displayed in kg / N / kN and lb.

In this way, the user can quickly and easily check and adjust the force distribution of the large area clamp. The operator and the device clamp identification number can be entered in the clamp force tester, which can then be printed out with the measured values ​​and optionally saved on a USB stick in tabular form. This helps in documenting the checked device clips and is used by many service providers in calibration as well as regular recalibration.

Another function of the measuring carriage is the possibility of setting a target value for the respective measuring point and the total force. If this value falls below or is exceeded, the display shows this in color and can quickly point out a problem to the operator.

The four measuring points of the force tester can be easily moved and can thus be adapted to the different attachments. The device clamp tester is operated with a rechargeable battery, which enables mobile use.

The four-point tester gives you the opportunity to quickly and easily check the settings on the device clamp and adjust them if necessary in order to avoid damage to the goods to be transported due to incorrect distribution of force.


- Force gauge for large clamps
- Measuring range up to 30 kN / 3 t (30,000 N / 3,000 kg)
- Simultaneous 4-point measurement
- Measuring points can be adjusted in many ways
- Graphic color touch display with input of operator and clamp ID
- Total force / force measuring point 1 / force measuring point 2 / force measuring point 3 / force measuring point 4
- Sum of the forces in the upper / lower / front and rear area
- Percentage force distribution of the measured values related to the total force
- Colored display for measurements outside the tolerance
- incl. printer
- Optional storage of the measurement data on a USB stick


Sensors: S force cells for tensile and compressive force / Max. 3t per cell
Measuring system: maximum force 30,000 N / 3,000 kg / 3t
Measurement resolution: 1 kg / 2.2 lb
Measurement uncertainty:   0.5% of full scale
Dimensions: 1300 x 1050 x 1550 mm / 51 x 41 x 61"
Construction: 45 x 90 mm / 1.7 x 3.5" aluminum profiles
Measuring distances: The measuring distances can be individually adjusted to the large clamp.

x-axis: 320 … 1050 mm / 12.6 x 41.3" (horizontally)
y-axis: 300 … 1250 mm / 11.8 x 49.2" (vertically)
z-axis: 1000 ... 1050 mm / 39.3 x 41.3" (depth)
Measuring surface: Ø158 mm  / 6.2" / self-levelling
Display: graphic touchscreen display 120 x 90 mm / 4.7 x 3.5"

total force / force measuring point 1 / force measuring point 2 / force measuring point 3 / force measuring point 4
sum of the forces in the upper / lower / front and rear area
percentage force distribution of the measured values ​​related to the total force
colored display for measurements outside the tolerance
Languages: ​​German
other operator languages ​​can be installed at the factory.
tell us which language you want.
Interface: RS232 with printer
USB as optional storage interface
Printer: thermal printer / 203 dpi / paper width 58 mm / 2.28"
Castors: 4 swivel castors / Ø100 / two of them with double brakes
Power supply: battery operation up to 45 hours / charging time ca. 10 hours
Weight: ca. 130 kg / 286 lb

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Scope of delivery
1 x Device Clamp Force Gauge PCE-4PCFM with 4 x load cells, 8 x guide shafts, 1 x mains power adapter