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Environmental Meter PCE-PH20S-ICA incl. ISO calibration certificate

ISO Calibration
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 PCE-PH20S-ICA Environmental meter incl. ISO calibration certificate 
For determining soil pH / External pH electrode / Recalibratable / Waterproof (IP 67)

The Soil - environmental meter was developed to directly determine the pH in the soil. With the aid of this environmental meter, it is possible to quickly and accurately measure the pH of the soil or a solution thereof containing a soil sample. The soil electrode is inserted into the previously slightly loosened soil and the pH read on the digital display.

Please always make sure that the measuring principle requires a minimum residual moisture in the soil. Thus, this soil environmental meter is the ideal solution for the accurate measurement of soil pH, in substrates, for horticultural irrigation solutions used in greenhouses and also in agricultural products and plants. The meter is always factory calibrated. A continuous recalibration of the pH meter is carried out by means of the supplied calibration standards (buffer solutions). The calibration data remains stored when the battery is changed. In general, you can simply pierce the electrode into the ground and read the pH directly on the digital display. If you would like to carry out a measurement according to DIN or if you can not penetrate deep enough into the soil due to soil hardness, then you should prepare a DIN soil solution and use it for the exact measurement.

**Care must be taken when inserting probe to not break it**


- Waterproof (IP 67)
- Special external measuring electrode on cable
- High accuracy
- Auto-power-off for battery saver
- Supplied with calibration solutions
- Data hold function
- Easy-to-read digital display
- Easy to use
- Incl. ISO calibration certificate


Measuring range0.00 ... 14.00 pH
Resolution0.01 pH
Accuracy± 0.07 pH (in the range 5 ... 9 pH)
± 0.1 pH (in the range 4 ... 4.9 and 9.1 ... 10 pH)
± 0.2 pH (in the range 1. .. 3.9 and 10 ... 13 pH)
CalibrationAutomatically, at pH 4, 7, or 10 using calibration solutions
ElectrodepH electrode for piercing the soil
Power supply4 x 1.5V AAA batteries
Environmental conditions    0 ... 60°C / 32 ... 176°F, <80% rh
Dimensions180 x 40 mm / 7 x 1.6 in
Weight220 g / < 1 lb

Delivery Scope

1 x Environmental meter PCE-PH20S-ICA
1 x pH electrode bottom electrode
4 x Batteries 
1 x Calibration kit with solutions pH4 + 7 (each 75 ml vial)
1 x Operating instructions
1 x ISO calibration certificate

Calibration certificates are issued specifically for the customer and are excluded from the right of return.