Environmental Meter PCE-PH20

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Pen-Typ Meter
0 ... 60 °C / 32 ... 140 °F
0 ... 14 pH
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Easy-to-use environmental meter for pH determination

External pH electrode / Recalibratable / Waterproof (IP 67)

The environmental meter was developed to directly determine the pH in aqueous media or water based solutions. The waterproof pH tester PCE-PH20 is used for the fast and accurate measurement of pH. The practical display makes the pH value on the pH meter easy to read. Due to the waterproof and robust housing (IP 67), the pH value tester can also be used under difficult conditions. A recalibration always guarantees optimum accuracy and is very easy to perform using the optionally available calibration kits (automatic calibration function without calibration screws - to be performed only via the keyboard).

Water quality in aquariums is extremely important for the living organisms that inhabit it. Slight changes in pH level and temperature may lead to aggravating results and even death of the fishes or reptiles in the water tank. Therefore, application of the appropriate pH meter is required.PH Meter PCE-PH20 by checking quality in aquarium. The ecosystem in the aquarium must be as much similar to the natural conditions as possible. So, the measurements should be regular and provide accurate result.

Depending on the purpose of creating an aquarium, commercial, scientific (experimental and laboratory tests), decorative, the most desirable pH level should be maintained to provide correct living conditions for the fishes and other possible organisms there. Modern devices are often portable and easy-to-use instruments which help to monitor the changes in the pH level during the day or from day to day etc. The glass electrodes have long service life and due to a high level of precision and wide measurement range, it is possible to apply the meter often and detect the slightest deviations. For this type of measurements, the presence of the temperature sensor is very important, since the temperature change may occur within one aquarium, and it should be detected at once.

Not depending on the purpose, the aquarium is supposed to fulfil the main task of its own is to create the best conditions and the most favourable medium. This task may be a bit more challenging that it seems to be, because just filling-in the tank with fresh water is not enough and much depends on the parameters which the water has and how they may change with the time.Aquarium pH Meter PCE-PH20 shows pH 8.01. Depending of the fish type, there may be slightly different requirements to the pH level of water (from 6 to 8, in average, but there may be exceptions). A very influential factor is also the type of water the owner decides to choose for the aquarium. Fresh and salty water have different desirable pH levels and it is important to take into consideration. As a rule, salty water has a higher pH value than fresh (8 and more). Before choosing the inhabitants for the aquarium, it is necessary to learn more about their natural habitat, because the conditions in aquarium should be maximally adjusted to the natural ones. The level of pH in aquarium should eb maintained on the desirable level. The growth of pH may have a destructive influence, since the growing ammonia deteriorates the water quality and may be very harmful to the fishes. That is why, pH level control in aquarium is practically a daily task, if your intention is to have a beautiful water tank with healthy inhabitants.

Fishes are very sensitive to the fluctuation of pH, especially if the values are much different from the natural and usual ones for them. pH tester allows the user for checking the current pH level within just a few seconds and make the changes immediately if the deviation happens.

- Waterproof (IP 67)
- Special external measuring electrode on cable
- High accuracy
- Auto-power-off for battery conservation
- Supplied with calibration solutions
- Data hold function
- Easy-to-read digital display
- Easy to use
Measuring range0.00 ... 14.00 pH
Resolution0.01 pH
Accuracy± 0.07 pH (in the range 5 ... 9 pH)
± 0.1 pH (in the range 4 ... 4.9 and 9.1 ... 10 pH)
± 0.2 pH (in the range 1. .. 3.9 and 10 ... 13 pH)
CalibrationAutomatically, at pH 4, 7, or 10 using calibration solutions
ElectrodepH electrode with BNC connector for liquids
Power supply4 x 1.5V AAA batteries
Environmental conditions   0 ... 60°C / 32 ... 140°F, <80% rh
Dimensions180 x 40 mm / 7 x 1.6 in
Weight220 g / < 1 lb

1 x Environmental meter PCE-PH20
1 x pH electrode PE-03
4 x Battery
1 x Calibration kit with solutions pH4 + 7 (each 75 ml vial)
1 x Operating instructions