PCE Instruments

Earth Tester

Order no.: PCE-ERT 10

This PCE-ERT 10 earth tester is a handy device which allows fast and easy determination of the earth resistance. The grounding resistance is determined with this earth tester in three measuring ranges up to 2000 Ω using three-wire technology.

- Three-wire measuring method
- Earth resistance is determined in three measuring ranges
- Ground voltage measurement up to 200 V
- Zeroing possible
- Alternating and DC voltage measurement


Manufacturer: PCE Instruments
Test Instruments manufacturer
Order no.: PKT-2700

The PCE-ERT 10 Earth Tester is a handheld instrument used to quickly and easily determine earth and ground resistance.

- 3 conductors measuring method
- Earth/ground resistance is determined in three different measuring ranges up
  to 2000 Ω
- Measuring earth voltage up to 200 V  


Manufacturer: Peaktech Prüf- und Meßtechnik GmbH
Test Instruments manufacturer