Durometer PCE-DDA 10-ICA incl. ISO Calibration Certificate

Order no.: PCE-DDA 10-ICA
ISO Calibration
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Digital Durometer to measure Shore A hardness in shoft gums, rubber and elastomers with USB-Port and downloadable software

The PCE-DDA 10 durometer is an ergonomic device to check Shore hardness in gum, plastic and other non-metallic materials. It has been designed with a very high quality. The PCE-DDA 10 durometer is mainly used for soft gums, elastomers, natural rubber, neoprenes, casting resin, white PVC, leather, etc. If the material thickness is not enough, it should be layered and tightened on the back with the same material in order to increase its thickness.

- Handheld device
- Digital display
- Plastic case included
- For Shore A measurements
- Large display
- Single and Serial Measurements
- Data transfer to pc
- Incl. ISO Calibration Certificate

Measurement range  0 ... 100 Shore A
Resolution  0.1
Accuracy  < ± 1

 35°± 0.25°

Memory  Saves up to 500 measurements
Dimensions  153 x 50 x 29 mm / 6 x 1.9 x 1.1 in (main body)
Weight  Approx. 300 g / < 1 lb
Power supply  3.6V rechargeable Ni-MH battery
Max. operating time     Up to 20 h continuous use at full charge
Charging time  Approx. 3 h
Standards  GB/T 531.1, ISO 7619-1, ASTM D 2240

1 x PCE-DDA 10 Durometer
1 x Power Supply
1 x Standard calibration plate
1 x Case
1 x Battery
1 x User's manual
1 x ISO Calibration Certificate

Calibration certificates are issued specifically for the customer and are excluded from the right of return.