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Decibel Meter (Badge Type) PCE-MND 10

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Decibel meter (badge type) according to IEC 61252:2002 / Measuring range 70 ... 140 dB / Crocodile clips / For use in occupational safety / Battery life >15 hours / USB interface / Key lock / Frequency weighting A, B and Z / Optional with ISO calibration certificate

The decibel meter (badge type) was specially developed for measuring noise exposure in workplaces and complies with the IEC 61252:2002 standard. With a measuring range of 70 … 140 dB and a frequency weighting of A, B and Z, the noise dose meter is ideal for this. The time weighting on the noise dose meter can be selected between fast, slow and impulse. With the built-in 470 mAh battery, the noise dose meter has a runtime of >15 hours.

Up to three virtual noise dose meters can be set in a decibel meter (badge type). This has the advantage that up to three measurement standards can measure simultaneously. The display of the noise dose meter shows up to 14 measurement windows that can be set individually.

The data transfer from the decibel meter (badge type) to a PC takes place directly via the charging station. The recorded measurement data can be read out and analyzed with the software for the noise dose meter. In addition, all settings for the noise dose meter can be made via the software. Another special feature of the noise dose meter is that the charging stations can be coupled with each other. This has the advantage that several noise dose meters can be charged via one power pack. Up to four noise dose meters can be charged simultaneously per power supply.

For optimal support and positioning, the decibel meter (badge type) is attached to the work clothing of the respective employee with two crocodile clips. The distance between hearing and the noise dose meter should be between 10 and 15 cm (3.9 and 5.9").


- Frequency weighting A, B and Z
- Battery life of >15 hours
- Software for setting the parameters
- Measuring range 70 ... 140 dB
- IEC 61252:2002, ANSI S1.25-1991
- Optional with ISO calibration certificate


Measuring range 70 … 140 dB (A, C)

90 … 140 dB (Z)
Measuring range (peak value) 103 … 143 dB PEAK
Resolution 0.1 dB
Accuracy class 2
Frequency range 31.5 Hz … 8 kHz
Frequency weightings A, C and Z
Time weighting fast, slow, impulse
Adjustable level increase 3, 4, 5, 6 dB
Threshold adjustment range 70 … 90 dB
Threshold resolution 1 dB
Adjustment range of the criterion level 70 … 90 dB
Resolution of the criterion level 1 dB
Display if the ambient condition is too loud    >115 dB
Memory 30 measurement runs with total
   6101 measuring points
Timer 16 timers for an automatic
  data logging and 99 timers
Warm-up time 10 seconds after power on
Microphone 1/2 inch electret condenser
Display 128 x 64 pixel LC display
For applications according to the standard
IEC 61252:2002, ANSI S1.25-1991
Number of virtual dosimeters 3
Dosimeter standards OSHA-80, OSHA-90, MSHA-80, MSHA-90, DOD,
  ACGIH, ISO-85, ISO-90, NR-15, NHO-01
  In addition, up to 9 individual
  standards can be stored
Measurement parameters for all DOSE (Dose), PDOSE (Pdos), TWA (Twa),
virtual dosimeter PTWA (PTwa), LAVG (Lavg), LEPd (Lepd),
  PLEPd (PLepd), Exceed time
  (Las>105 or Las >115), LEQ
  (Laeq, Lceq, Lzeq), SEL (LaE, LCE or LZE),
  SEpa2h (Ea, Ec, Ez), PEAK (Pka, Pkc or Pkz),
  LEX8H (Lex8h), PLEX8H (PLex8h),
  EXPHrs (Exph), EXPsec (Exps), NEN
Additional measurement parameters MAX/MIN, L05, L10, L50,
for the first virtual dosimeter L90 and L95 at a 20 ms interval
  and a difference of 0.1 dB,
  LAEQ05, LAEQ10, LAEQ50, LAEQ90,
  LAEQ95 at a 1 s interval
  and a difference of 0.1 dB
Interface USB interface on the charging station
Power supply (battery) 3.7 V, 470 mAh, lithium polymer battery
Power supply (mains adapter) primary: 100 ... 240 V AC, 50 ... 60 Hz, 0.7 A
  secondary: 9 V DC, 2 A
Operating time >15 hours at 23 °C / 73 °F
Operating conditions 0 … 50 °C (32 … 122 °F), 10 … 95 % RH,
Storage conditions -10 … +60 °C (14 … 140 °F), 10 … 75 % RH,
Dimensions 84 x 49 x 55 mm / 3.3 x 1.9 x 2.2 inch
Weight 77 g / 2.7 oz

Delivery Scope

1 x Decibel meter (badge type) PCE-MND 10
1 x USB cable
1 x Charging station with power adapter
1 x Supply bridge
1 x Mounting bridge
1 x Carrying case
1 x Instruction manual

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